Colonel Horatio Refelian

Name Horatio Refelian

Position Team Leader

Rank Colonel


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 36

Physical Appearance


Father Jonah Refelian
Mother Mary Refelian
Brother(s) Maximus Refelian
Sister(s) Victoria Refelian

Personality & Traits

Personal History Horatio Refelian was born to Jonah and Mary Refelian in 2393 at the Luna New Berlin. Both of his parents were civilian engineers who worked at Utopia Shipyards.

As the years went by, the family grew with a sister, Victoria, being born in 2395 and a brother, Maximus, in 2403.

As Horatio was 10 when his youngest sibling was born, he didn’t really have much to do with the baby. Choosing to spend his time studying so he could excel at school and eventually become a Starfleet Captain.

Although his parents weren’t keen on him serving in Starfleet, they supported his wishes and helped him as best as they could. Jonah hoped that Horatio would follow in their footsteps and become an Engineer. But it was Operations and Diplomacy that caught the young Horatio’s interest.

At the age of 18, he moved to San Francisco and enrolled into Starfleet academy. After the first six months he started to doubt his choice of career. He had already turned his focus from Operations and Diplomacy to Security and Tactical, but this still wasn’t enough. Then he heard about Starfleet Marines and this peaked his interest. They seemed to have exciting missions and work all over the Federation and beyond.

He switched to the Marines and completed two years of basic training, before enrolling in the officer training course. During his officer training he met Lieutenant Colonel Glenn Walker, who was a guest speaker. The Colonel liked Refelian and decided to take him under his wing. He was assigned to the Lieutenant Colonel’s unit, the Black Angels.

Harry began to slowly move up the ranks within the Black Angels. They were involved in many missions including peacekeeping and humanitarian missions along with scouting, tactical and defensive missions.

When Walker was promoted to Brigadier General, Refelian took over the Black Angels as that was the condition of Walker’s promotion that he chose who replaced him as the Unit’s CO.

Fours years of successfully commanding the Unit, Harry was suddenly stripped of his command and summoned by General Walker and Admiral’s T’Val and Snowdon.

He was told he was being reassigned to a new team, something which would be off the record. A joint operation between the military and Starfleet Intelligence and Security. He would be leading one of six such teams codenamed Scorpio in an operation being named Shadow Ops. He was given a promotion to full Colonel and ordered to the Typhon Science Station where his team would be based and await for other members to arrive.
Service Record Sept 2411 - April 2412: Starfleet Academy - Cadet
April 2412 - July 2413: Starfleet Marine Basic Training - Recruit
Sept 2413 - July 2415: Marine Officer Training
July 2415 - Aug 2418: The Black Angels - 2nd Lieutenant
Aug 2418 - Jan 2420: The Black Angels - 1st Lieutenant
Jan 2420 - March 2422: The Black Angels - Captain
March 2422 - Nov 2425: The Black Angels - Major
Nov 2425 - July 2429: The Black Angels - Commanding Officer - Lieutenant Colonel
July 2429 - Present: Team Scorpio - Commanding Officer - Colonel