Lieutenant Robin Maxwell

Name Robin Anthony Maxwell

Position Weapons/Demolitions Expert

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5 ft 11in
Weight 191 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Maxwell is a handsome man with the darker skin of his heritage and the smooth round face, he was the type of face that is just stoic until he express himself and then his face is subtle. He is of an average build, he keep himself in well maintained physique.

He is one for eye contact but not one to be the center of attention. He kept the demeanor of a passive personality, he would be a soft spoken man who even in times of stress will be calm in his comments, rarely raising his voice unless higher than is needed to be heard.

Off duty he tends to wear black turtle neck style shirts and is a great fan of darkest denim clothing and often has a denim jacket on and half buttoned.


Father Cecil
Mother Denise
Brother(s) Raymond (Merchant Ship XO)
Brandon Diplomatic Department

Personality & Traits

General Overview Maxwell is a passive persona as a method of interacting with people, he is soft spoken for the most part until he needs to assert himself. He is a good man to talk with as he will give precise instruction and objective.

He is a demolition expert; he exerts that he can make just about anything go boom. Where this has affected him is that is a quiet type of mental instability; he will be perfectly calm most of the time and the more his 'issues' surface the more he takes quiet manners and actions to express himself. He will do things that are out of the ordinary and almost in impulse. His impulse nature is very much a part of his character but he will only give subtle warnings before 'doing something.'

In most social situations he will be a listener and quietly make his opinion known; if not listened to will quietly needle more and more until heard. Then will voice a quiet warning of what actions he had taken and leave the reactions of those around him to do as they please.

When on assignment will only answer to call sign 'Chaotic' and not even his real name; he becomes the persona of his call sign. This persona was created by Maxwell some time during his Covert Operations Training; some kind of mental defense for what he was taught to do that; in all likelihood, clashes with his basic moral values and only through ‘Chaotic’ he is able to expertly; and unemotionally, complete his tasks.

With a special note to Commanding Officers, Maxwell has a dual personality that we cannot ascertain where it was created; it functions at those times his rational mind cannot cope with pressures. He suffers Post Traumatic Stress and will revert to the ‘Chaotic’ personality. Normally for standard crew this neurosis would be a rejection of duty for Maxwell. It is an effective asset to covert operations as Maxwell does not seem to recall what Chaotic does and therefore any ‘secrets or classified information is held safe even under Betazoid probing. Chaotic has the same habit of knowing only what that persona does and nothing of Maxwell. This is the only factor allowing his use in Covert Operations.
Strengths & Weaknesses Maxwell is an out of the box thinker, he will use his skill in unique ways demolitions and create different 'toys' to get the job done. His focus on duty is second to none and he will do anything needed to complete objectives.

Is literally impulsive and on assignment will only answer to call sign. Tends to give minimal warning of what he had done enough to keep team from getting wounded. Tends to be passive aggressive if pushed.
Hobbies & Interests Chemistry
Reading technical structural databases
solving puzzles
Creating unique devices for his trade.
Construction/ Architecture design styles

Reading Romance
Modeling with plastique and clay
Ballistic weapons
Rock Climbing
Swimming/ Diving
Chef level cooking hobby

Hover surfing with the James Bond Surf board that have hidden places for 'devices concealed in it.

Personal History Maxwell was the youngest of 3 children and the one that seemed the most 'laid-back' of them all. He would only comment when spoken to or if he needed something.

He was a good student growing up and took to making his own toys as his elder siblings tended to 'borrow his toys and gave them back once they were 'damage' and he needed to often repair/ rebuild. He began to make his own and had a talent with sculpting clay as his mother insisted all her children express their artistic side.

In high school Maxwell took to Chemistry and metallurgy with a creative nature that had him tinkering with his own creations of 'tools' to help him. He graduated and was thought to be on track for Chemical Science until his teachers noticed he had designed a revolver and used chemical propellant rather than Gunpowder. He had said something about stasis fields being a common problem and how ballistics were more reliable in some cases. It was then he went into Security At Fleet. He was noticed by the Covert Ops and trained in demolitions with his chemistry background and metallurgy minor he seemed to have an aptitude.

During training he was setting a charge that detonated prematurely that nearly took out the team . After investigation it was found on the recordings that he had given a warning but not in a commanding voice and thus the others just ignored him for their own process and were only minor hurt. His setting of demolition packages was nearly perfect, he had even engineer a few deceptive coverings to keep his devices from being readily seen.

Hiding brown plastique in a filed a head of the advancing troops with micro pressure/ remote detonators was a stroke of genius during one simulation. This earned him an advance placement on a team for his Cadet Training Cruise. The team were heading near the Cardassian Boarder on patrol. Some civilian ships were being damaged and lost so the USS Conner was tasked with checking into it. During the cruise it was discovered the Cardassian vessels were modified warships with Civilian shells; Maxwell had referred to old historical 'Q-Ships' used in Earth wars One of the Cardassian ship had boarded a Federation Merchant vessel when the USS Connor came in range. An insertion team was sent over. The Security force crossed into the Cardassian vessel to rescue lost personnel. During the operation Maxwell went missing while on a sweep. The hostages were nearly all recovered; others were killed for resisting, and those that survived quickly beamed to the USS Connor. Maxwell had placed charges on the airlocks of his sweep and set them on timers. The retreating vessels were at warp when six airlocks blew on the port side the damage was witnessed but on the Cardassian side so no pursuit. For his action he was given the Call Sign 'Chaotic' for the outlandish initiative and method.

The USS Fairfax had the Orion boarders to patrol; The activity of Pirates while his utilities escalated brought Maxwell and his team. Following his call sign with a female partner the teams were deployed on a raid of a Pirate vessel; the Pirates fought back and tasked with securing the vessel 'Chaotic' took a charge to the power connection between the Main computer and the ship with a small charge shut down the main computer. The Orions were not happy and while coming out of the Computer area his partner was hit and died in his arms as he set a old style trip wire on a closed bulkhead, when the doors opened the charge went off as the wire spanned at the crack of the hatch. Maxwell did not take the loss of 'Heather' well, he seemed more withdrawn and the investigators had suspicions of a relationship between Maxwell and Heather. They were ready to drum him out when no evidence to support those accusations was found.

Maxwell was transferred to another command near the Wromhold and DS-9; he had only male direct partners and one female on his team. She had shown interest in Maxwell and he quoted the regulations and told her a seeming lie; that he 'did not have relations with those on his team... ever." and never accepted any advances. But another trait emerged; on operations Maxwell only answered to his call sign. It was like the other self did not exsist. His ship was taken by surprise attack and his team cut off; he was captured and tortured. After weeks of interrogation they only came up with the Given name of "Chaotic' for his time in the camp. His identity was denied by 'Chaotic' even under the most intense torture. He was 'Chaotic' at the camp and eventually assigned to Kitchen duty and worked his way to cooking for the Command Staff of the camp. Always aware of poison they check his food and was never left alone. However he did managed to keep a spotless kitchen and mostly by his own cleaning and working with only a single assistant if the full Command Staff required his skills at cooking. While cleaning his area so often no one recalled his 'Chemistry background and thus when the 'bomb' was in the dining area it was in 'parts. Cardassians would not allow a prisoner to ignite a flame near them so a Cardassian Chef did the honors to Chaotic’s creations and nothing happened so the added few seconds of heat is what set off the chemical catalyst that detonated a bomb made of simple cleaning and cooking items. In the chaos Chaotic slipped away and hid from the guards, thought to have died with the staff. He managed to sneak weapons to the camp prisoners slowly and the resulting rebellion over powered the guards and help was called for.

The time alone had an effect on Maxwell; he with drew more and became more of a passive person; the 'Call sign' effect was accepted as a dedication to duty and thus 'Command looked the other way.' His Nature as 'Chaotic was a reputation and his skill couple with creative nature landed him back on Covert Operations on Special Teams. He proved he could detonate just about anything given the resourced he requested and his 'eccentric' nature was nothing compared to his effective Demolition skills so he was allowed to active duty. Landing a position of the USS Spectre; a covert operations vessel. Where among other highlights he did destroy a small listening station without the direct use of explosives. Using charges in the engineering area to set the Fusion reactors to overload the system was near critical; the enemy crew managed to connect the Coolant Triggers and flush the system with high pressure lines; or so they thought, Chaotic switched the Waste reclamation lines with the water lines. The methane gas from the humanoid waste hit the heat of an overloading Reactor. Thus the methane caught the flash point and detonated within the reactors.
The station exploded an instant after the reactor did.

His actions were inventive but considered extreme; he was on his way out of service when Scorpion Project caught wind of Maxwell’s impending separation from Fleet Operations.