Captain Ky Vo

Name Ky Vo

Position Sniper

Rank Captain


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Sun Jul 5th, 2020 @ 3:51pm

Character Information

Gender Female
Species El Aurian
Age 206

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 8"
Weight 150 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green


Brother(s) UNKNOWN
Sister(s) UNKNOWN

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses +Combat skills, both close combat and weaponry combat.
+Expert markswoman
+Infiltration skills, stealth and RECON.

-Can at times attach to people to easily.
Ambitions She has ambitions to regain her memory and find out where she comes from.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, she likes to read about history and finds it fascinating to know about other cultures.
Keeps herself fit and healthy through gym routines and aerobic activities.

Personal History Ky has no recollection of her past. The first year she remembers is 2419 and the planet Carillas IV waking up in an alley outside a local club. She was sporting a headwound and stumbled into the local hospital for treatment.

She was treated to the best of their limited ability and sent on her way. No questions asked was the norm on Carillas IV and she soon found out that was the case for many others on the planet. They had asked her name; she had no idea. No ID, no way of finding out as she had nothing imbedded to help with identification. There was a note in her pocket, ‘Room 101, Hideaway Hotel’.

Asking around she found the place and it was where she had been staying. A roach ridden place and nothing personal in the room in question, apart from tags with a chain that read Ky Vo with strange markings beneath that she assumed were from a language. What ever it was, it was alien to her right now.

For years she moved from job to job on Carillas and fell in with a rough crowd. One night she was attacked and much to her surprise she took the assailant down easily in hand to hand combat. As she stood over his unconscious body she stared at her hands in total bafflement. She had no memory of learning the skills she had just used but deep down they were there.

In 2421 she was out in the wilds with a group hunting when she was handed a rifle and found it felt a wash of calm over her. It was like this felt right and she knew exactly what to do with it. She took aim and with great ease and calm took the target down. Shaking she put the rifle down, amazed at another skill she had seemingly unlocked from some forgotten region of her brain.

Over her time on Carillas IV she had tried to get her memory back, tried to get enough money to escape the planet and find proper medical help, or at least something to help with her memory. Now she had grown accustomed to not knowing and found it soothing to have only a couple of years memory within her. No-one had come looking for her, so she assumed no-one cared, as a result she didn’t let it get to her.

In 2422 she had been walking past the local shuttle zone and noticed an insignia on a landed craft. It was strange, she recognised it but didn’t know how. It was the Starfleet insignia, but she did not know that. Ky was drawn to it and boarded the craft.

She hid in the rear of the craft; it was big enough so had numerous compartments. She kept to herself, using small amounts of energy to keep herself fed. Sadly her covert skills were not what they should have been, and she was found. One person piloted the craft, his name was Jason Adama. He was a Lt. Colonel in the Starfleet Marine Corps.

They spoke, she was shocked he didn’t arrest her, but she felt safe. Ky showed him the tags she had found years ago and what had happened in her short memory life so far. Jason took a sample of her DNA and ran it against the Starfleet database.

She was a marine, a decorated one at that. One thing she had right was her name was Ky Vo and she was El Aurian. She was over 200 years old and had been a marine for nearly 50 years. She had taken part in the Dominion War, been on Cardassia, Bajor. She was a decorated well-trained sniper, infiltration/RECON specialist and expert in hand to hand combat and weapons, mostly long range but was sufficient in handheld weapons and close combat.

She re-joined the marines after some rehabilitation and medical treatment to try and retrieve memories. Sadly, her condition, or injury, had been too long standing and the damage was done. There was talk of it coming back organically over time and she had seen flashes but nothing concrete. She had also joined the fleet giving no family information.

Ky worked alongside Adama for years, feeling somewhat obliged to stay. He had gotten her ‘home’, off Carillas IV and back into a life that was more fitting of her skills. In 2429 Jason retired and pointed her in the direction of a shadow ops team called Scorpio. In charge of this was someone he knew called Colonel Horatio Refelian.
She changed teams and a new chapter began.
Service Record 2378 -> 2379 - Marine Bootcamp
2379 -> 2382 - Rifleman - USS Southampton
2382 -> 2389 - Combat Specialist - USS Etna
2389 -> 2395 - RECON Specialist - USS Edinburgh
2395 -> 2405 - PT Instructor - Marine Training Academy
2405 -> 2411 - Oval Force - Rapid Response Team/Strike Team
2411 -> 2419 - Field Agent - Starfleet Intelligence

*Declared MIA - 2419 -> 2423*

2423 -> 2429 - Team Nightingale - Rapid Response Team/Medical Response.
2429 -> PRES - Sniper, Team Scorpio - Shadow Ops Team