Lieutenant Shinandra Alleir

Name Shinandra Alleir

Position Medic

Rank Lieutenant


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Sun Jul 5th, 2020 @ 12:25am

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 128 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Nandra is short and slender, fit but feminine. She had large dark eyes set in deeply-tan skin with dark hair that is sometimes short and sometimes long, depending on her mood.


Father Javier Alleir
Mother Innendoah Nassotavia Alleit Alleir
Brother(s) 2 Brothers
Sister(s) 1 Sister

Personality & Traits

General Overview Both as a child and adult, she’s always been intelligent and creative, although both were stifled in her youth. Both traits flourish today, alongside her independent, stubborn, and “overly pragmatic” nature. She will do anything she thinks is necessary to get the job done, which for her means saving lives.
Hobbies & Interests Fortune telling/Tarot cards. Earth martial arts. Dancing.

Personal History In the ending years of the twenty-second century, a group of colonists traveled from Earth in a small convoy of spaceships. They came from many different cultures and heritages but shared the single goal of wishing to create a new society. Eventually, they arrived in the Beta Quadrant many years after leaving Earth.

The name of the planet was Erris II. It was unpopulated by any humanoid life forms and was Class M: ideal for starting New Babel. It was named not for its prophecy, but for the ‘melting pot’ that it was made of. In due time, a matriarchal ruling class was established along with the colony.

While they did not shun technology, they did aim to use as little as possible. Technology was most often seen when new blood came to this small planet and colony and wished to become a part of it.

* * *

In 2390, Innendoah Nassotavia Alleit Alleir, the granddaughter of Alleit Alleir--one of the longest ruling queens of the New Babel Colony--was on the throne. She gave birth to a daughter on 239005.07, who was blessed as crown princess and deigned to take the throne when she reached nineteen. She was named Shinandra Innendoah Nassotavia Alleit Alleir. Her parents would have two more children, but both were boys, so she was slated to one day rule in her mother’s place.

She was educated in every area conceivable to build a future ruler, but Nandra had a rebellious streak that her father privately nurtured. The truth was that she was not satisfied with the thought of taking the throne. The night before her nineteenth birthday, she chose to run away from home. Her father and brothers helped to get her away from her mother’s near tyrannical parenting and off into the galaxy.

It was trial by fire. With the little basic knowledge of the science of engineering that her father had been able to give her, she managed to make it to Earth. In that long time, she learned the art of survival and that you did what you had to.

On Earth, she sought to study in medicine. She wanted to help people, not lord over them. She attained a scholarship to a university, and she excelled. It was the first time in her life that she had been able to utilize her full intellect. Outside of her studies, however, was another story entirely. While never directly rebellious, she had a habit of not paying attention to those rules she didn’t see the point in. Curfews meant little to her, and neither did anything ‘restricted.’

Was it a byproduct of being royalty? Maybe. She simply chose not to obey rules she didn’t think were reasonable, but her own common sense kept her out of serious trouble.

Despite a nature that chose to make her own rules, she was good at what she did, and she graduated early. At the age of twenty-three, she was already able to call herself a doctor. Her grades were good enough that she could have done her residency anywhere, but she chose Mortigo Colony—a ‘retirement’ colony for miners from Relec Prime. Most were stricken by a lung disease from their work. Healing on this world took creativity and prayer. She lived and worked there for three years, even beyond the end of her required tenure.
Service Record At twenty-six, she went back to Earth and applied to Starfleet Academy as way to get “out there” more and find more people who needed help. She graduated before she was thirty.

Her first post was a medical ship, followed by a station posting. It was on this ship that her “rebellious” and “overly pragmatic” nature got her in trouble.

One of her patients, a child, was struck with a fatal and degenerative disease by the name of Kalor’s Syndrome. It caused the patient great pain and also deformity. One could only treat the symptoms; there was no least not one sanctioned by Starfleet. As the original strain began in the Orion culture, the only known substance that had a chance of a cure, Kalinzine, was only available from the Orion Syndicate’s black market. Shinandra knew this, and she also knew that it was more than controversial; it was illegal.

She did it anyway. She tapped into the market by way of a Yridian trader named Jurgal Chelek. He attained a protocol of Kalinzine treatment, and it did help the child…but it didn’t help Shinandra. She barely avoided a court martial and was instead demoted from lieutenant to junior grade and transferred to a less than palatable posting.

But she didn’t complain. She believed then and to this day that she did the right thing, and damn the rules. Nandra knew in her heart that she’d accept any punishment for saving a life.

Over the several years, however, she did not get in trouble. In fact, she operated with distinction and returned to her previous accolades. She learned, eventually, that not long after her running away from home, her mother become pregnant with a second daughter, but a gender coup ended up changing the landscape at home before her sister took the throne. Although tempted, she chose not to return home.

Her history of unconventional means, however, earned her the eye of Starfleet Intelligence, and the chance to get even deeper into the “outer reaches” or where people needed help that maybe wasn’t conventional.