Ensign Shauna Allen

Name Shauna Michelle Allen

Position Armourer

Rank Ensign


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Fri Jun 26th, 2020 @ 7:14am

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5 ft 7 in
Weight 138 Lbs.
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Allen is an athletic individual with curves and the lithe movements of a Jungle Cat. Her eyes could be cold when she gave a person a glare or with the warmth of a lady who cared for the world. Her uniform remained crisp no matter what time of day; her hair almost always in a ponytail or a bun close to her head. Her long legs and tall frame gave her a look of a woman taller than she is.

Off duty she is often seen in looser tops and flared skirts and leggings favoring ankle style boots. It is a well known fact she had a weapon on her thigh under the skirt and which she sport what day became the side bets until revealed or not known roll-over weeks.

Allen is also known to form fitting exercise wear; using her shape as a distraction. She knew ways to use her feminine wilds in her favor. and how to down play her looks to get an objective.


Father Nathan
Mother Fiona
Brother(s) Darcy James (Older)
Kennith Scott (Twin)
George Edward (Younger)
Other Family (4) Uncles and Aunts
(12) Cousins
(4) 2nd Cousins

Personality & Traits

General Overview Allen would be a will of Iron as description were she a man. As a female she is called Strong willed and will not back down. She had an analydical mind and Deductive Reasoning.

Her twin had the personality of a social animal while it was Shauna that was more serious and trying to make sense of her life while compensating for a Brother who never acted his age, she did have a sense of humor through mainly the need to dealing with him and most would call it a very 'Dry' sense of humor with light sarcasm thrown in.. Shauna became the achiever of the two growing up and through school she had to fight being a determined personality trying to get out of the shadow of her Brother's popularity. It was when she entered the Academy and managed to be apart from her close sibling. She felt she finally have the chance to achieve anything she aimed at.

It was weapons and equipment outfitting that she focused her efforts; she was a Tactical Officer with an emphasis in Small Arms and ordinance. She studied the personnel; the builds and Eye Dominance when she had achieved the specialty of a Master at Arms; an Armorer. It was the height of her career and then she sought to be the best as it was a Male Dominated Billet. She determined to show she could do as she pleased.She was also called upon wither skills for covert drops and even a couple of infiltration Operations that she outfit the team and joined as consultant.

She is skilled with training; her obstacle and shooting courses for certification of Operational training are referred to as "Allen Town' by those having to endure them.

Though she can seem cold or Aloof as a face she keeps as her major persona
Strengths & Weaknesses + Analytical Mind
+ Tactical Weapon Specialist
+ Skilled trainer/ Observer

-/+ Strong Will

-Seems Aloof
-Competes with men
- Irritated if compared as a woman rather than person
Ambitions To be Armorer of Most Elite team of Counter insertion Team.
Hobbies & Interests Jujitsu Practitioner
History of Combat
Historical and Xeno-historical weapons (Study)
Reads Fantasy Novels(Book Form)
Ballet Dancing
Plays Soccer

Plays Saxophone
Loves 20th Century Class rock and roll.
Creates Ice cream deserts/ drinks

Portrays Faye Folk and Pixie characters on Holodeck, with the Arch securely Locked.

Personal History Shauna was the forth child by six minutes and twenty seconds; her Brother made sure she never forgets it, and thus with a Twin she had to work harder for notice from her Parents. This alone made her more determined to achieve and not withstanding the 'Immaturity' of her Twin Brother. As she had a strong will and high intellect her dive gave the impression of being aloof. Her socially active Brother attracted many guys and of course a good proportion of them wanted 'to get to know the sister. Shauna found none of his 'Nuckle-headed Friends attractive and while he is lazy Shauna practiced Jujitsu (Bone Breaker) Style Martial Arts at a young age which helped keep the guys at Bay.

In High School Shauna was very good at sports and especially enjoyed Soccer; the tactic of a moving battle ground. And her artistic talent in sculpture and painting of sculptures gave her some renown. Shauna set her sights on the Starts and did what she need to get there. Her Father taught her some musket weapons and started her into a love of small arms.

When it came time to Apply for Star Fleet she was interested in Tactics but more ground fighting; she had no desire to become a Marine so she studied Tactics of Combat. Her emphasis was in Weaponry; she had the analytical mind to decipher the weapons needed and support for such arms in a combat operation. She graduated in the top 20% of her class. Her hand to hand and weapon scores were on par with the men and in several combat drills and competitions Shauna won. Her reputation for having several 'additional' weapons in Combat scenarios ; none of them cheating, earned a reputation and pools started to guess what extra weapons she would carry into combat? It was a friendly competition and even the female cadets in Security Training were sworn to secrecy by Shauna so not to give away her 'load-out.'

Her Cadet cruise on the USS Moscow saw her in a Security Capacity on the Tactical team; she was among the personnel that did Support Planning for the contingent of Marines from the Moscow angle. She was acquainted well with the Marine arsenal and gave suggestions at staff meeting that were noted by the Command chain of Marines and Moscow. Her 'Load-outs' proved to improve ground operations and she was given a commendation and transferred.

The USS Sphinx was a smaller vessel used to transport the Marine Contingent between assignments. The Crew of the Spinx are for the sole purpose of transport and support Marine Operations. Shauna had task of direct loading out with the Marines. She worked efficiently with the Man at Arms and Sargent Major of the unit in the Small Arms and Ordinance section. Both the Marine personnel had great respect and feed back for Shauna. She was also assigned to direct support on several drops when the Marines expected heavy combat. Shauna came to like a platoon leader and with a more innocent style relationship that was just heating up when he took a crippling hit and was retired from Active Combat. Shauna had helped the replacement Leader with his weapons until integrated into his unit.

The USS Edo; an Akira Class vessel with both a Marine Squadron and Ground contingent a liaison Officer was required to work with the Marines; Shauna volunteered for the position and became a vital resource in the Marine Operations and the outfitting of the varied Operations. The Security end of the Operations elevated to the Billet as Master -at -Arms. She was the second in command of Security and an emphasis in the Marine Branch of the crew. Serving in that capacity she excelled. All the Command Chain saw her potential and she was promoted.

The Covert Operational Branch needed support and her specialty as an Armorer; a level above the Master at Arms, brought her to Team Scorpio.