Breaking a leg on bad stage

Posted on Sun Apr 26th, 2020 @ 8:42am by Ensign Shauna Allen

"Begin recording." Allen bid the computer.

[Recording] The automated voice responded.

"I suppose it could be said that fate is out to get me?" Allen said as she had her boots off; the combat web vest aside and the utility jumpsuit neatly folded. "I broke Mr. Chaotic; he is so damned focused in training he will only answer to his Call-Sign. No one wanted to work with him as he is uni-focused; what they did not know is that he sets charges that will do whta is intended." She had the knee length Blue House Coat tightly closed and cinched at the waist while she brush her blonde hair. "Standing too close the computer gave him a jolt and he did not move fast enough."

The sound of Allen flopping onto the love seat could be heard in the recording. She took up the glass of iced brown liquid in a small glass and lightly sipped.

"He twisted his ankle to where I believe he will not make that mistake in future drills." She did not chuckle. "I am now paying back Fate in that I am his replacement." Tinkling of the ice as she aggitated the glass slightly. "I know he was to be a janitor; giving him access to many parts of the facility and he is the one making escape routes. Having drill his practices I have an idea of what he is planning; I think I can get by with a few trip wires and some wooden wedges and a good mallet. The trip wirescan be just that or I will ahve some small charges like low yield grenades. I had specialized in the outfitting of teams and that meant equipment from the Anti-Personnel Tactics."

Swirling the liquid before taking a drink.

"The wedges if placed right will jam the doors; any disruptor will take a door out but the seconds the pursuit forces try the manual over-ride is a few seconds more of a lead. Should it come to an escape I hope to keep things at a minimum in damage; thus less attention to our route;large explosions tend to draw lots of attention. Leave a loose Fine filiment wire danging between door and stretching when doors open at a height set for a man could get one ; maybe two, people unaware.

Allen sigh and took a drink that was nearly half the liquid.

"I hope my cover is not some French Maid like outfit; most Romulan women have dark hair and eyes. A blonde with Blue might draw more attention than I need?" She took another drink. "One might even say that being a female Janitor cleaning toilets is a good way for me to stay low, but in finer hotels the male staff do janitorial work and the pretty ladies do the cleaning. Maybe I could get fortunate and be at the front desk checking in guests and answering calls for Room Service?" She chuckled. "I am checking the routes Maxwell had staked out and what little surprises I can have waiting to deploy in an escape?" She drained more from the glass. "Maybe I should not take his advice; Maxwell's, as he would have been dead if it were real instead of a Simulation, but he does know what he is planning and it makes sense. The funny methods he has to get some of the explosives in will be interesting to witness." Allen actually giggled a bit. "That man might seem off but his planing skills are dead on." She drained the glass and set it on the table. "Computer another iced tea and end recording." She requested of the computer.

[End recording] The computer diligently made the tea and ended the Log.