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A Change of Pace

Posted on Sat Mar 14th, 2020 @ 3:11pm by Colonel Horatio Refelian & Captain Seregon French

Mission: Prelude: Getting The Team Together
Location: Space Station
Timeline: MD06 - 0900 Hours

Seregon never travelled in uniform. She found it easier not to have to explain why such a good looking woman was a Marine and a Captain no less. So she booked passage on a freighter like most innocuous passengers did these days. As an intelligence agent she took in everything around her. Smells, sounds, words of alien languages that might trigger certain thoughts for her mind to access and file away or act upon. She was the gray man now. Nonthreatening in her appearance and blending in with the other passengers well. She hadn't noticed anything to alarm her or cause her to switch into another level of security. Her on going threat assesment was working and doing what it was ment to do, keep her safe.

She thought about her new job as a tactics expert. She had been doing this in the Corp for years, so why should this new posting be any different? She thought to herself. Then something occurred to her. She would be a part of a team. The input of each one of those members would be a key component to every mission brief. She didn't have to do it all alone anymore. She liked that idea. Just then a crew member of the freighter came to make an announcement.

"MAY I have your attention please? Everyone getting off on this space station will have 4 hours to depart. Please don't leave any of your belongings as once we drop our load, we will be departing. Thanks for choosing us for your travels." And he turned and walked away.

Seregon waited two minutes, took a final gulp of her sweet tea and threw the container in her waterproof bag. It was a habit. She hated leaving her DNA all over the Galaxy. As she headed for the airlock, she reached into her purse and grabbed her pad with her orders on it. The line was short. But the security on the airlock was tough.

"And how may I help you Miss?" As if he were hoping she would reciprocate with the rest of her name.

"French, Seregon French and these are my papers for travel." As she lifted the padd for him to see. He took ahold of the padd and scanned it with his padd.

"Everything looks in order. Welcome Aboard. Enjoy your stay." And he dipped his head slightly to her.

She smiled, and crossed the thresh hold onto the station. As she went, she could tell it was going to be an interesting duty assignment. But it wAs time to find her new command. She knew what level they were on and she also knew it was secret.

Colonel Refelian’s Office

Harry sat at his desk looking through the recent intel docket which came in. There was plenty going on in Alpha and Beta quadrants at the moment, most wouldn’t really affect his team but it was always good to know what was happening elsewhere. Suddenly, his door chime went off. “Come.” He said simply as he quickly made sure there wasn’t any top secret information on display.

"Hello sir. Captain French reporting for duty." And she handed him her padd with orders displayed on the front. "Due to the clandestine nature of our mission, I'm sure you don't mind me being in civvies sir." She said rhetorically with a slight smile.

“Travelling I completely understand, however, once here full uniform is to be worn at all times.” Refelian said as he took the Captain’s PADD. “Good to have a fellow marine amongst the team.” He added with a smile before offering the Captain his hand for her to shake.

Seregon responded dryly. "Semper Fi, sir." As she took his hand. "Being your Tactics person, I imagine you and I will be working closely together?" She asks.

“Semper Fi, Captain.” Refelian replied with a smirk. It had been a while since he’d heard the old marine motto. “We will be working closely, along with the other members of the team. I hope your journey here was a comfortable one?”

"It was comfortable to be honest. No one made undue or unnecessary contact with me and eventually though I was not undercover, my cover would still be in tact if I were." Said Seregon who was not new to the game, and played it very well by all accounts.

“I realise it’s a long journey out here and not necessarily the most comfortable.” Refelian replied. “So, Captain, are you aware of why your here?”

"To be honest sir. Things get lost in translation and how I understand what's expected of me may be different than what you my direct line supervisor might expect of me." She said and paused "So with that in mind, I'd love to hear it directly from you." And she waited.

The Colonel resisted the urge to sigh audibly. He was getting fed up with having to repeat himself to everyone who reported him. Starfleet needed to inform people better. “Basically, we’re a covert team protecting the Federation and it’s citizens. You cool with that?”

Part of Seregon’s training was in profiling. She could that something about her was not sitting well with her new boss.
“Yeah, that’s pretty much what I understood from my orders. But out here at the tip of the Spear sir. You might have a different take on things or even add to our orders. But I’m here to do it as you see fit. I serve at your pleasure sir. And as your Tactical Advisor. I just need to make 100% sure that my orders are clear. Sorry for any misunderstanding.“ replied The Captain.

Refelian let his shoulders drop a bit, “It’s not you, Captain. I just feel like a recruitment advertisement every time I’m asked. Starfleet need to up their game and inform people what they’re being assigned to.” The Colonel paused for a moment. “You’ll be an excellent tactical advisor.”

“That’s good to know sir and You can count on my level best each and every time out. I’ll give you 110% from start to finish. Is there any time table on our first mission?” She asked confidently.

“Not at the moment, however, I wouldn’t get to used to the quiet life. I’m sure Starfleet will be keeping us busy.” Harry replied.

“Roger that sir. I’ll be ready. I’m sure you got better things to do than jaw jack with me. So if there’s nothing else, I’ll get out of your hair.” She stated and waited for him to decide if this conversation was over.

“Sounds good, Captain. Your quarters have been assigned and are just down the hall. They’re not the best or biggest Starfleet has to offer but they’re yours.” Refelian replied.

"I'm a Marine sir. I'll make do. Thanks for the warm welcome. I'll get myself squared away and start familurizing myself with the station, and its inhabitants. I assume we're free to move around?" She asked

“Stay on deck 13, the civilian commander wants us to keep to ourselves and I’ve agreed to keep the peace. There’s plenty for you to do here.” Refelian explained.

Seregon made a face. “ I understand sir and I will comply. But that does lend itself to me asking a question. In the event the station is attacked or over run by a hostile force. Should my tactics include the stations defences or are they own their own? As my job not only details tactics at the squad level. I will be prepared for defending our home as well as the team when on a mission. That is unless you order me to do otherwise.” She stated boldly. “Under normal circumstances I’d act and beg your pardon later. But I’m not going to do anything to piss you off. So I’m asking now.” She replied.

It was a good question, one Refelian would expect from a fellow marine. “The station is under civilian control, therefore if the station was attacked it would fall under their jurisdiction. However, if they ask us for help we shall give it. If the station is boarded we shall protect everyone on board.”

“With that in mind, l’ll develop a battle plan for the station. And keep it to ourselves until it’s needed. If that meets with your approval sir!” Said Seregon.

“No harm in being prepared, Captain.” Harry replied with a small smile. “If there’s nothing else, you’re dismissed.”

“Thank you sir.” And she executed an about face and departed. Under normal circumstances a salute would have been appropriate but since she’s been an intel officer. Very few salute if any. It was time to have a meal. Get some sleep and get started in the morning.


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