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Wanna share toys

Posted on Tue Mar 24th, 2020 @ 4:06pm by Lieutenant John Collins & Lieutenant Robin Maxwell

Mission: Prelude: Getting The Team Together
Location: Intel Offices
Timeline: MD08 - 1700


Maxwell wondered the corridors with his seemingly ever-present satchel over his shoulder on the right side. He had thought it might be a good idea to get his introductions out of the way to the team members he will be working with.

Intel department had; in the past, been of stimulating conversations and they had appreciate what Maxwell could do. Making little presents and things that had use for the people in that department.

He rang the chime as he hoped he was not disturbing Lt. Collins?

Collins looked up. "Hey, face I haven't seen. Who might you be?"

"Robin." He came closer to offer a hand shake. "Things that go 'Boom' in the Night Guy." He smiled. "I am here to get to know the people I work with, you're the Lucky winner."

"Ah, the neighborhood demo guy. With all your fingers too, a good sign," Collins quipped, shaking the extended hand. "Since you're here, let me lock down the room for a bit. Gotta chat about some opsec stuff with you."

A few quick commands - tapped into a console, not verbalized - and the room was secure.

"Cover. You done covert ops work before?"

"Infiltration and some light work to get to objective." His eyes started to darken slightly. "You are talking the infiltrate and destroy type operation in my case." His voice remained calm. "No deep cover, 'One and Done' type insertions behind lines." He made eye contact. "Meet guides and cross enemy territory mainly."

"This team sounds, from the way the Colonel and HQ are talking, like we should expect to be living our covers for weeks or months at a time," Collins responded. "It requires...not deep covers in the way you're thinking, we are very unlikely to need cosmetic surgery for instance, but we'll be living in our cover identities such that they need to stand up to scrutiny. Sustained acting, basically, which not everybody is good at. Not one and done covers." He paused. "Which is why I wanted to review your draft cover identity with you, see if we need to tweak it any for it to be comfortable for you."

"I think I understand what you are talking about." He grew a sly grin. "I can pass myself off as someone else; went through training for infiltrating; I had to ditch a botched Covert OP once; my Partner and I went native; stole clothes and such to blend." A certain professional tone to his words. "What kind of a cover do you have for me?"

"Well, my best cover for you is a guy who learned the demo trade through the mining industry. Asteroid, terrestrial, all use explosives. How much do you know about mining demolitions and mining engineering?"

"I know how to bring them down." He grinned. "I have had to 'empty' a few Rat Holes and even been called in on rescues after cave ins." He nod and rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "I can read a geological report and pace charges well enough to be called an Engineer from the Demolitions side of mining easy enough I think. I have used weak foundations in the past."

"Good to hear. I recommend doing a good bit of reading before we deploy to round out your knowledge of mining operations, as technically your cover is as a mining guy contracted to Paladin Security to assist them in overseeing safety and security of mining sites they're contracted to secure. Don't need to become an encyclopedia on it, but you do need to know enough to survive inquiry if someone actually decides to call upon that cover."

"You chose well; I would have gone with Civil Engineering as a secondary but yours is so much more interesting." He sat back in the chair and steeple his fingers in front of him. "Will I just be walking into this role or will I be able to 'showcase' some of my skills so to assure them of my ...." His look was calculatingly smooth. "Qualifications to clear away the rubble in a defined manner?"

"In Romulan space, presume you'll just have to talk it through, and have safety equipment if they search your stuff. They're very twitchy about giving non-Romulans explosives."

"Then my Chemistry background will be of use as most demolition people use it but do not 'fine tune' the mixture per yield requirements." He said. "Do I need to order the Bomb disposal safety gear or have the need been taken care of as I do know the specifics of what is required to seem legit?"

"I would like to say the logistics are being taken care of, but we both know that can get weird. So draw up a list of what you need and I'll specifically requisition stuff," Collins replied.

"Just more Bomb disposal things so I do not delve into our current levels and some extra Drilling bits kits specific to rock and such; some extra medical kits and breathing gear should round it out." He grin. "Hand me a PADD and I can make the list for you now if that helps?"

Collins did just that, with a grin. "Secure PADD. Thumbprint authenticator, you know the drill."

"A through process does tend to get fewer killed." The man put his thumbprint to activate the system. "I should ask if we will be away during the time we establish these Identities or will they be run from the station? I mean I like to think that we would not connect these 'persons' where anyone can come calling and stumble onto our operations?" He was quickly putting in his requests and did not need to look up from his work as he spoke. "OR should I ask if we will be doing 'small jobs' elsewhere to validate the identities?"

"Colonel hasn't given me the answers to those questions as of yet," Collins replied.

"Well..." he handed the PADD back. "That should do for my needs and once I have the outline of the fabricated persona I will just get into the character and become ... me." Maxwell said with a sly grin. "I like being Chaotic more anyway and being someone else is a nice change."

Collins nodded. "So long as you can return to your normal self when we're done, enjoy. I'll try to get everything on this list within 36 hours," he summarized, putting the PADD aside after sending the list to his own PADD for later review. "Now to find food."

"I always go back to being the right guy after an assignment." He said with assurance. "The galley has an excellent Cheese Steak and Fries entree." Maxwell suggested. "I like real food over replicators and who knows what we will be eating with the Rommeys." He commented as he got up. "Thanks for all your effort in support Lieutenant Collins."


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