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Mission Briefing

Posted on Mon Apr 6th, 2020 @ 8:12pm by Colonel Horatio Refelian & Commander Salvia Carro & Lieutenant Robin Maxwell & Lieutenant John Collins & Captain Seregon French & Captain Ky Vo & Tiam Meer

Mission: Prelude: Getting The Team Together
Location: Briefing Room
Timeline: MD10 - 0920 Hours

Colonel Refelian stood in the teams briefing area and waited for his team to assemble. He’d just had a secure communication mission briefing from General Walker, now he needed to inform his team and begin formulating a plan for the mission.

"Morning, Cap I mean Colonel." That was going to take some getting used to. Sal had made sure to drink enough coffee for her brain cells to start firing in the right direction before coming down.

It had only been a few day’s but Seregon was ready to get to work when the call went out to report to the briefing room. She was working on tactics for defending the station, should our help be needed in an emergency situation. But that could wait for now. As she entered. The Col. Was already waiting. “Hello Sir. Looks like we’ve been spun up!” She stated happily.

Maxwell entered the Meeting with a PADD in one hand and his Morning 'Java' in the other. This is the initial meet for the planning; it had to be where the parameters will be defined, thus he would take notes.

"Top of the morning to you all." Maxwell greet as he moved to take a seat. "With respects Colonel."

“Good morning.” The Colonel said with a smile. “Just Collins and Vo to arrive then we can begin. If you haven’t got a drink, please feel free to grab one.”

Collins entered at that point, carrying a cup of coffee in his right hand and a secure PADD, identifiable by its red casing, in his left hand. With a nod to the Colonel, he took a seat.

Ky was quick on the mans heels and nodded to the room of individuals before sitting down next to Collins.

Maxwell look to the Commanding Officer with a curious expression; what kind of fun will they be having?

“Alright, let’s begin.” Refelian said as he tapped a control on his PADD and a holographic representation of a Romulan male’s head appeared above the desk and slowly moved around. “This is Senator Xurris, he has been sitting on the Free Romulan Senate since it was formed. He is a strong believer in peace and has been an asset for Starfleet Intelligence for many years. He is now in danger as he believes he is being followed by the Tal Shiar. He has asked to be extracted and wants diplomatic asylum in exchange he will provide everything he knows about the Free Romulan state. We have been ordered to extract him from Romulan space.”

MCapt Seregon French was the first team member to speak up.
“Hello everyone. I’m Captain French. I’m your tactics expert. Planning can only be completed with everyone’s input, so Sir is there a time table on when we go down range, and have we got an exact location on him?” She asked

Maxwell knew a bit about extraction; well covering the escape with 'distractions' was more his specialty and leaving things to assure the escape route is secure. He would listen to the outline before asking any questions for the moment.

“In seven days the senator will be visiting the T’Met system, which is close to the border. He’ll be spending two weeks on a well earned break at the coastal city of Imaluna. This will be our opportunity to pick him up and extract him back to Federation space where a Starfleet vessel will pick him up from us and take him to wherever he needs to go.” The Colonel explained.

"Sounds easy," it was never going to be easy though. Sal knew from her career in starfleet. She almost asked what the catch was but decided for now to drop her pessimism.

Seregon knew every team worked differently. But the operative word was worked.
“Cmdr Carro. How would you like to go forward. Because from my point of view. We couldn’t ask for a better scenario.” Said French “Problem is, if the Tal Shiar are watching him. They may decide that this is a good time to snatch and interrogate him themselves. That’s what I’d do.” French offered.

"I never take anything for granted, especially with the Tal Shiar." Sal answered him. "It's never as easy as it looks on the surface. But this is why we are all here. We each have our specialty."

'How soon can we insert?" Maxwell asked. "Better be there early as it might seem 'ironic' timing if we happen to show up around the time of his 'disappearance' with us?" He pointed out. "It might also take suspicion off us the earlier we are there of course?"

“Well, so far so good. We’re planning like a team that’s worked together before. Anybody want to take a stab at method of extraction?” Asked Captain French

"I do not suppose that he is a fitness type that exercises of a morning?" Maxwell began. "That would be of the easiest way to extract the man. If not then I would suggest when in a more comprising time such as a bath or such."

“Try this. We go in as couples on vacation. We’ve prepped a couple towels with transporter tags. We give the towel to him like a courtesy towel and as soon as he is out of site we beam him out. The team then beams out behind home and we deal with whatever happens in space.”

"We could rig a turbo lift with enhancers; get on with him and transport out with a touch of badge on him; only those tagged transport?" Maxwell thought aloud. Harder for them to predict and if lift jams comm signals the enhancers allow us to leave we might get a few seconds head start before they can call an alert?"

“These are good ideas but I feel we’ll be making a mad dash for the border. I’m happy to do that but is there away to take the senator out of the equation? Fake his death somehow?” Refelian asked his team.

“I would worry that if the Tal Shiar are watching, if we faked his death they might insist on making sure he was dead since he is a Romulan citizen!” Said French

"Is there a way to get a body double. Act like him for a bit then ditch make-up and escape quietly?" Maxwell suggested. "We have him safe and leaving , be out of system by time the fake makes a casual escape by normal without disguise? Have passage book ahead of operation and then we make a switch for body double and leave without any danger?"

Seregon wrinkled her face. “I actually think that might work. However if he has security around him. We would need to make a change of bodies in such a way that they would not know it wasn’t him. Like during a facial or some activity that enquires him to be on his own and only Spa staff would have access to him for some period of time where he would not be disturbed.” Said French.

Sal remained quiet thinking. Certainly she could fake sensors into believing someone was dead, but she thought French was right about them wanting to check, that was if they caught up to them which was likely. "What about changing his life signs?" She finally said. "It wouldn't be that hard to make him appear as someone else for a moment, just enough to get him away from the surface and safely beamed aboard. I'll worry about the life signs if someone else worries about any security he has around him."

Collins looked concerned. Looking at the Colonel, he softly cleared his throat. "Just so we're clear. This is a resort run by the Tal Shiar for high-ranking Romulan officials. If they catch us and identify us as Federation, it's war. I acknowledge everyone's creativity even as I beg you, try to preserve plausible deniability?"

“Lieutenant Collins, you have something else in mind? You said that it’s a Tal Shiar controlled resort do you have proof of this? Imaluna is on the map as a costal city resort. A popular destination for higher class Romulan’s.” Refelian asked.

"Without burning sources, I can say that the resort's management team are all confirmed 'active reserve' of the Tal Shiar, and that guest access to the resort property is restricted to those with connections necessary to get an invitation." Collins replied. "Fortunately, access for maintenance personnel isn't as controlled."

"That seems rather lax of them." Sal replied in almost a huff.

“Especially for the Tal Shiar.” Refelian said, surprise evident in his voice. Generally, Romulans were anal about security. “I’m wondering if we’ve been told all the facts about this senator. If he has Tal Shiar connections then I can see why Starfleet would want him out. Their interrogation techniques aren’t pleasant.”

"Ever feel like you are given an opening Sir?" Maxwell asked. 'That kind of lapse does seem... convenient. Let us hope that is a genuine over-sight?"

“Have we got an outlay of this place?” Asked French.

Ignoring the questions, the XO spoke, "Or this is all a trap," Salvia said continuing on the thought that Refelian had voiced.

Seregon didn't like being ignored. But that was a very valid question. "Now that's a good question, because if this is a trap. The Tal Shiar could accomplish two goals. First they confirm this man is working with star fleet and kill him for treason and plug a leak, second they get to kill Star Fleet operatives on their soil and possibly start a war." Said Seregon.

“Alright that’s enough speculation. Our job isn’t to speculate the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’, we’ve been ordered to get this Senator out and safely back to Federation space.” The Colonel said in a firm even tone. “Lieutenant Collins, what Intelligence do you have on this resort?”

It was at this point, the door to the room swished and into the room walked a young, brown haired Trill male. He stood about 5'11", weighed 160 tops wet, and looked like a charging tribble could knock him over. His eyes were bright, like he was seeing the world for the first time. He smiled at everyone. He wore casual clothing, black pants and boots, a blue shirt all covered with a leather jacket.

"Hi-ya all", the 'kid', which was best that could describe the young man. "I was told there was some kind of shin-dig that I should be at going on here. Am I in the right room?"

"Well if you weren't you wouldn't have been able to get in." Sal said dryly. "You must be Meer." She offered her hand to him. "Commander Carro."

“Who the hell is this? And why is he here?” Refelian asked as he folded his arms and looked at the young kid before glancing at his XO.

"Uh, our new pilot? Isn't he?" Sal looked at Refelian with both her eyebrows up. "I got a message from Admiral Gregoran to expect him. He didn't inform you?"

Collins was about to brief on the resort...he'd even stood up to brief...but then, well, he's just kinda struck silent by what unfolds.

Refelian shook his head. “This is it going to work if Starfleet aren’t going to keep me informed of people they assign to this team.” The Colonel then looked at the new person. “Why aren’t you in uniform?”

"I'm Tiam Meer and yes, I am your pilot", Tiam replied with a smile, shaking Commander Carro's hand. He was a bit nervous with all the grilling. He felt like he was in the constable's office again. "For all it's worth. That piece of junk they assigned us is rather questionable. Anyways, I'm not in a uniform, because I am not technically Starfleet, beyond working here."

Ky had been listening to the room speak. The ideas being thrown back and forth were all decent, some better than others but still passable. Now there was a young Trill entering the room and hitting them with a more relaxed, jovial way about him.

“You’re a civilian? What have they given us? I was expecting something anything state of the art.” Refelian said.

"Yes, I am a civilian", Tiam said. "You Starfleet types aren't the only ones who can fly a ship. And the ship is one of those raider type ships you see in history holo-vids of the Maquis. They haven't made a new one since that time either. And I don't think we got the last of the line. Going warp five makes it creak like all get out. I hope you have a good engineer, because it needs work. Until its done, if we crash, it is not my fault."

He shrugged his shoulders.

Harry glanced at Carro, “Looks like a job for you.” He said with a smirk before looking bad at the newest addition. “Alright young man, take a seat. We’re just going through our mission. Lieutenant Collins, over time you.”

Before Collins responded, he looked at the Colonel for just a moment. "Sir, just a minute. There's some things this all has indicated I have to do, because if we don't do them under these circumstances, it's not your career that takes the hit, it's mine." Then, he looked at the new entrants.

"Your PADDs have just been sent two documents each. The first is the Federation Official Secrets Act. You sign each page and the attached mission specific non-disclosure agreement with a thumbprint now. The second authorizes Starfleet Intelligence to undertake full background checks on you, to include medical and genetic checks as deemed appropriate. Once you sign them, I will grant interim clearances with a tap of my finger, and after I lock the damn doors, we will continue."

Once the new arrivals had done that, Collins indeed granted clearances with a finger tap, and then, as promised, locked the doors and made sure the anti-surveillance gear was on. Then, he resumed the brief.

Collins briefed quickly on what they'd already been over, to catch the new arrivals up. Then, he dug in.

"The resort is the Four Winds Resort, as indicated in the coastal city of (city name) on (planet designator). It's owned by the Romulan State; nominally, the running is contracted to a private firm by the ministry of tourism, but the private firm's executives are all believed by Starfleet to be active reserve members of the Tal Shiar. The resort is all-inclusive, just like any resort on Earth in, say, Jamaica or the Bahamas. Guests access services through biometrics. Guests are specifically invited by the management, or are paying an enormous fee per month-long stay. In return, all the food, drinks, alcohol, companionship of any sort. And, not to be underestimated for Romulan elites, you get privacy and absolute discretion."

Collins paused. "And guests are not infrequently members of the Senate, from Senatorial families, or associated with senior members of the Romulan bureaucracy and military."

"Moving on: Your covers will be in full force for this mission; Not only your covers as members of a Paladin Security team, but individual covers as resort staff members from the local community. Low-ranking to mid-ranking personnel, from what we'd call bartenders to back office staff. We have full maps of the resort, which I need everybody to study in the holodeck. Walk through staff areas in particular. Get to know the place like you've worked there a while. There will also be holographic Romulan language and culture training modules available. Use them. Even though you're going in as non-Romulans, we can't afford slip ups betraying your Federation origins."

"Yay, we get to brush up on our acting skills, " Sal replied dryly. "I look forward to practicing." She leaned back in her chair and eyed the others. She'd spent her whole life pretending really, this was nothing new to her.

Tiam put his print down on the data padd. It would make it more difficult to ply the trade he did better than piloting.

"I'll take the dirty job of lowly Janitor." Maxwell volunteered. "But if that clearance is to high then I will take a Bartender." He almost grinned. "Chemists make great drinks."

It was the Janitorial staff that usually have access to most faculties and also one never knows what 'magic' can come from normal cleaning supplies, not to mention the sheer number of things that can be thrown together with combustible, low flash point liquids, especially alcoholic drinks?

"If there is a position of overwatch I am more than happy to survey from afar. However, if you want me in more close quarters I can fulfil a role I am given." Ky spoke out for the first time within the room.

“Hopefully, Collins will be able to keep an eye on the team but having Vo in a high place with a rifle might not be a bad thing incase things go south. Dry runs on the holodeck are a must, even if we use the resort for some fun just to get to know the layout.” Refelian said. “Captain French, work with Lieutenant Collins on getting an operational plan together. Lieutenant Maxwell, start getting our supplies ready for the mission. Commander Carro and Mr. Meer can take a look at our new mode of transport and make sure it’s safe. Any further questions?”

"If we are on a time table, then getting the ship safe might take more time than we have", Tiam said shaking his head. "Regardless, I am sure it is one of those we don't have more time. Just as well, I like a challenge."

He rubbed his hands together. The repairs wouldn't give him much time to learn Romulan, which he wanted to do. It would allow him to hack their systems easier.

Sal nodded at Meer. That didn't seem like such a bad job and it would keep her mind off of any nerves as to what was going to go down on the planet.

"I have initial request for specialized equipment." Maxwell informed. "I will be getting a lot of my needs once we are in the Facility; can't exactly bring in things that go Boom; I will MacGyver it so anyone need anything tell me within the next few hours please?"

Collins nodded at the instructions aimed his way. "Maxwell, any issues getting supplies through Starfleet logistics channels, or any cases where Starfleet-issue gear would blow our cover, talk to me ASAP. I can use intel channels to source personal equipment that won't be tied to Starfleet, if needed." Then: "French, meet me in about 20 minutes to start working on plans?"

“Just let me know when and where.” Said French

"You will be my first call for help." Maxwell reply to Collins. "It will be ready I assure you."

“Alright, any other questions?” Refelian asked his team as he glanced at those who were in the room.

"No sir," Sal said leaning back in her chair and thinking about all she had learned and what she needed to do.

"None." Ky shook her head. There was training to be done, research to be completed. She wanted to be prepared for this. For their first mission she would like it to go off without a hitch.

"No sir," Collins said firmly. Ops in the field always had issues; there were always screwups, knew the veteran case officer. Hopefully, they could minimize them.

“Collins, I will work with you on your schedule. Tell me when and where you want me so we can go over the tactics. It’s going to be a tricky one.” Said French

"Nothing from me Sir, I have work to do." Maxwell informed.

"I'm good", Tiam said, wondering he had gotten himself into. Maybe the penal colony wouldn't have been such a bad choice after all.

“No sir. I’m good.” Replied French.

“Team dismissed. Mr Meer, once you’re settled please report to me got a chat.” Refelian asked.

Tiam said, "You've got it."

He gave the Colonel a cheerful, 2 finger version of a military salute and left the room.


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