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Strange New Worlds

Posted on Tue Apr 7th, 2020 @ 1:40pm by Captain Ky Vo & Colonel Horatio Refelian

Mission: Prelude: Getting The Team Together
Location: Colonel's Office, Deck 13
Timeline: MD07 - 1330 Hours

Ky had arrived a few hours earlier but liked to get her bearings, do a little recon and be sure there would be no real surprises. She hated surprises which should not come as a shock given it was no doubt a surprise that caused her amnesia all those years ago.

She had been better though in recent years, still flashes of memories began to surface and now she was regaining little bits of herself she had long forgotten.

Colonel Horatio Refelian. A name she had known from being around marines of repute. Her new mentor, or old one now, Colonel Jason Adama had now retired but had told her stories that involved the Black Angels. Refelian had been there for a long time and had been placed in this command and she was interested to know how he felt about that. Marine orders can be very black and white sometimes when it suited them.

She was shook from her revelry, her automatic pilot taking her to the door she needed to be at. With a deep breath she rang the chime and waited. Her memory was not the same but she knew the introductions to COs were always rather mundane. However they were necessary.

“Come.” Came the voice from inside the office.

Ky entered the room, a snap in her step she moved towards the bearded man in front. "Captain Ky Vo, reporting for duty sir." she gave a quick stand to attention and salute.

The Marine uniform instantly put Harry at ease but he quickly push aside his feelings as he stood up and offered the Captain his hand to shake. “Colonel Harry Refelian, Team Scorpio’s CO. I’m guessing your our new sharpshooter?”

She grabbed his hand and gave it a firm shake. "Pleasure sir. I am sir, just came in this morning. Sharpshooter is one of my skills but I am assigned to your team as such." she said very matter of fact.

“Take a pew, Captain.” The Colonel said as he released her hand and gestured to the empty seat on the other side of his desk. “Please excuse the cramped area that’s laughably called my office. As you can see, space is limited on deck 13. Your quarters are bigger but not much bigger. However they are your own personal space. I must apologise, I knew you were arriving today but your file has yet to reach me. Could you fill me in on your background?”

Ky nodded and took a seat as he explained his circumstances. "No explanation needed sir. We often get what we are given in this job, as you well know." She offered a small smile of understanding. Her quarters were on the small side but she had a bed and a desk, somewhere to stow her gear and she didn't need more.

"That's fine Colonel, I am more than happy to tell you." she said as she got a little more comfortable. "Personally I have no memory of my life before 2419. All I know is that I was attacked on Carillas IV and the injury..." There was some hesitation. "has caused me to lose the last 196 years of my life. I am El Aurian as well, just in case you wondered... the injury didn't make me delusional." She added.

"Long story short it turns out I was a Starfleet marine on loan to Starfleet Intelligence. I was following a suspect and didn't check in leading me to classed as MIA for 4 years until I stowed away on Colonel Jason Adama's runabout. From there I have since learnt I have been in the marines for nearly 50 years from Private to rank I currently hold. My skills never left me and in fact they have kept me alive. I ran with Adama's Nightingale Team for 6 years before being reassigned to yourself. I have 201 confirmed using a variety of long range rifles. I am PT certified and was an instructor once upon a time. I am an expert in close combat, RECON, stealth and infiltration." She stopped for a moment hoping she wasn't boring him. "Sorry, I must sound like the actual report itself... If there is anything you think I may have missed? I am happy to answer anything."

“I’m guessing you’re a good shot, Captain but what else can you do? I need versatile people on this team.” The Colonel asked.

"I have never missed Colonel, and I believe I still hold the record for longest shot." Ky admitted. She wasn't smug about it, in fact she rarely told anyone. "If you are looking for versatilities then I do have other skills. I have 'unique' interrogation skills that are specific to my species. As an El Aurian people open up to us about everything. From their darkest secrets to their deepest fantasies and ideas. We have some sort of pheromone we release that people are susceptible too. We are not called a race of Listeners because we are so empathetic in nature and are happy to listen but because people talk, we listen. Chips fall where they may I believe Humans say." Ky explained. "People confide a lot in me when I ask the right questions. Friends and enemies alike."

"I am a RECON specialist, that can coincide with my sniper skills as I am observant of all and can be inserted into hostile environments with cover. I can hotwire any vehicle, I always keep my mechanical skills as best I can. Small spaces? I can get into those too." Ky felt like she was being grilled for a position she was told to move into but she was sure the Colonel was only asking to get a picture of how she would fit.

Harry nodded as he listened to what Vo reeled off from her past. He was impressed, he could see why Starfleet had assigned her to the team. It seemed all of the pieces were slowly falling into place and the first mission would be far behind. “Excellent, I like what I hear. It sounds like you can handle yourself, as you’d expect from someone who will be working alone and high up.” He said with a smile. “Do you have any questions for me?”

"I can handle myself quite well for 2 centuries of life sir. There is also something serene about being up high with no-one to bother you but the clouds." She replied with a smile in return. "No sir, no questions at the moment. I know the drill. Orders come in, we follow them. Until then sir I just want you to know I am looking forward to serving with you and learning from you."

“With two centuries under your belt I’ll probably be the one doing the learning.” Harry replied with a smirk. “It’s a pleasure to have you a part of this team. I hope you’re not needed but I doubt that’ll be the case.” The a Colonel paused for a moment. “One last question from me, are you capable of pulling the trigger when ordered to regardless on the target?”

Ky shifted a little in her seat. What a question to end on.

She had taken difficult shots before, some of those she disagreed with but at the end of the day she pulled the trigger. "I will always voice my concerns Colonel. I know that may not be what you want to hear but I believe in circumstances that hold a life that honesty to have its place." she replied. The Colonel went to speak but Ky spoke quickly to cut him off, she wasn't done. "I will however do as I am ordered to do if ordered to take the shot. I will wrestle my Gods over it later."

“Voicing concerns is fine. Actually, I encourage my team to have a voice. However, there maybe times when I order a shot that you might not agree with, I need you to do it instantly, no questions asked. You can chew my ear off later about it but I need that trust from my sniper.” The Colonel said, it was a difficult conversation to have but one that needed to be had at the beginning of this working relationship.

"You will have it sir." Ky replied. Granted they had just met but she had always completed her kill orders without hesitation when the time warranted it. She knew when the last moment of a shot was closing, she never missed. "I understand this type of question is uncomfortable but necessary. I appreciate the honesty and openness in asking." she gave an appreciative smile.

“I like a level of trust and openness with my subordinates. That’s how I work, it’s how this time will work. I’m sure we’ll get missions that might pull on our heart strings for whatever reason but these have been handed down to us after considerable thought from superiors. I will make sure they are followed.” Harry replied. “Thank you for being candid with me.”

'Our superiors aren't always right. Ky thought but gave the Colonel a smile. She believed what she was doing was right most of the time otherwise she would not be still doing it. The Federation, Starfleet needed to be protected and she would do it until the day she could not.

"You can trust me to always be open and candid with you sir, but I will always follow your lead. You look like an honest man, you have soft eyes that have seen much and I am a good judge of character." Ky replied.

Harry smiled, “I appreciate that. Well, if there’s nothing else, you are dismissed, Captain.”

"Sir." she stood to a quick attention and then left the room. Time would tell how the future team would gel together but she was hopeful.

Team Scorpio would sting! (in a good way)


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