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Old Journey's End. New Stories Begin.

Posted on Fri Mar 27th, 2020 @ 12:26pm by Captain Ky Vo

Mission: Prelude: Getting The Team Together
Location: Transport Ship/Station
Timeline: MD07 - 1030 Hours

Ky had opted to arrange her own travel to the Typhon Science Station. There was something about being a mix of people that made her feel at home. Deep down she felt a little alone with her mind only being 10 years fresh of memories.

Subconsciously she ran her hand over the scar just beneath her hairline. She didn't remember how it happened, just the aftermath. Her memories damaged or hidden from her by someone who attacked her and left her for dead.

Starfleet had declared her MIA for 4 years after she had been on loan to Starfleet Intelligence. Seemingly she had been on a deep cover assignment that only a few knew about and it had taken her to Carillas IV. She hadn't checked in so no-one knew where she was when the attack took place and with no contact to her handler she was declared missing.

Now 10 years on she had made it back to somewhat normality.

The station was an old Regula style but had recently gone through some renovations. It was civilian ran but she knew from asking around that Deck 13 had been sealed off from public entry. She had deduced that it was to be her new home. A whole deck did seem a little brazen but she had learnt not to question how people above her paygrade operated.

From time to time she would get odd looks, a female marine walking around a civilian station asking questions and poking holes in people (not literally).

Ky was El Aurian and where as a long life to live was something to look forward too she didn't like the idea. She had lost 200 years already, organics were so fragile in nature. One hit and everything could be gone.

So at 206 she still looked quite young, fit and healthy and for all intents and purposes she was. Sometimes having youthful looks was not an advantage.

There was also the pheromone her species gave off that made people open up to them. Reveal their desires, fantasies and problems. Being a race of 'Listeners' was not always an advantage but she did get useful intel out of it from time to time. Ha time! How ironic.

Ky looked around and gave a small smile as she threw her duffel over her shoulder and moved forward. There was no better time to throw them in her quarters and meet her new Commanding Officer. Getting used to her new 'home' would come along the way.


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