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A Late Bite

Posted on Sat Apr 18th, 2020 @ 3:11pm by Lieutenant John Collins & Captain Ky Vo

Mission: Prelude: Getting The Team Together
Location: Rec Room - Deck 13
Timeline: MD07 - 1900 Hours

It had been a long day. A day of exploring, a meeting with the new boss and some others. Setting up her gear in her quarters albeit her trinkets were few.

Ky walked into the Rec Room to get a late bite to eat. It the midst of all the excitement of the day she had forgotten to eat. Walking up to the replicator she paused. What did she want?

She settled on a cheese fries. It wasn't anything spectacular but it was what she was in the mood for.

As she glided through the room she saw another person sitting alone, his head buried in a PADD, idly sipping a soda as he read something. For a moment she thought of walking by him, leaving him to his own world. However, if he was on this deck it stood to reason he would be a teammate.

'Lets make some friends.' she thought.

"Hi." She began half bending over to lower herself to see him a little better. "Sorry if I am interrupting but I just got in this morning. Don't really know anyone." she gestured to the seat.

"Not interrupting. Taking a break from my work to grab a soda, read some news and personal stuff. I'm John Collins, the team's intel officer and 'coordinator', otherwise known as your mission control voice. You?"

"Great." Ky said sitting down across from him and placing her food on the table. "I'm Ky Vo, teams rifle expert and sharpshooter. It's nice to meet you John. Is it ok to call you that?" she asked. Some species preferred the use of other names so she always asked.

"John works, a bit familiar given we just met but I don't mind." Collins shrugged. "So. Rifle expert and sharpshooter, AKA sniper. Before I let you eat, and go figure out dinner myself, a question. Your concealment, recon, and tracking skills. I know Marine snipers get a fair bit of training in all 3 areas, but how're you with those? I'm thinking I have a need for you regardless of our profile on any given mission, but it only works if you fit the role."

Ky threw a fry in her mouth and pondered the question. Straight to the point it seemed Collins was. "I'm good with those." She said raising an eyebrow. "I'm good at blending in to any background, most people don't assume I'm a marine, let alone a sniper. I am well trained in the other areas too. I have 50 years experience when it comes to being a marine. I fit the role I am given." she added as she put another fry in her mouth as she looked at the man across from her.

Collins took a second to grab a burger and fries for himself, then returned. "I hear you," he mentioned after sitting again. "I usually would lead with small talk, but right now I get the sense that even though we don't brief for a bit, I need all the time I can get to get us ready to deploy ASAP. And in your case, I definitely need someone to handle in-area recon, overwatch, scouting, and possibly comms between me at the mission control site and the team on the ground. That sounds like work you could do, either with the training you already have and your natural personality, or some training I set you up for on the holodeck. We're not talking making you an expert immediately, but the basics can be learned quick, easily within a day or two if you focus; obviously your role as a sniper would come first. Sound like something you'd be up for?"

"Sure." Ky replied. "I would be happy to do some training on the holodeck. Skills can always be honed, made sharper. Something I have always believed is that if you stop training you lose your edge, slow down." She smiled a little.

"Excellent," Collins replied, tapping on his PADD briefly. "There, you should have all the access you need. Now that that's done...I see you're El Aurian, so I take it you've been around Starfleet and the Federation awhile. Tell me about yourself, give me a look into who I'll be relying on as my hands on the field?"

Ky looked at the man unblinking for a moment as she digested his question. Nearly everyone asked that, tell me about yourself, about the decades past and she wished she had an answer to it. She really did, and she was trying to remember. Bits returned like old news, flashes. She knew it was there and she wanted it more than anything.

"I can tell you I have been a marine since 2378 as that is what my file shows. I have served as a rifleman, combat specialist, RECON specialist and a PT instructor... hells I've even been an Intelligence Agent but I do not remember any of that clearly." she admitted. "10 years ago I was assaulted on Carillas IV, so much so that they left me with this." she pointed to the scar on her head. "And took my life from me, my memories. They didn't take my skills though and the kept me alive on that planet for 4 years in poverty and constant danger before I was found and 'reintroduced' back into Starfleet. For the past 6 years I have worked in Team Nightingale before being placed here." She finished before taking another bite of her meal. "If you want personal details, I am 206, I like to read; history in particular, can sing and keep myself in shape both physically and mentally just in case I get a very inquisitive officer full of questions such as yourself." she teased a little.

Collins chuckled. "OK. I take it by your being here that you've been cleared by medical and psych for duties, so I'm actually not as worried as you'd think by the amnesia and the related stuff. Out of curiosity, you like to read history. Any particular eras?"

"Fully cleared yes. My memory loss doesn't affect the way I perform my duties. I still know my training even if I don't fully remember it, the mind is a wonderful yet mysterious thing." Ky said taking a drink from her cup. "I am fascinated with Federation history, it takes a lot to build something of this size and I like the small details about how partnerships are made. Human history is filled with so much colour as well, but read a broad range. My own peoples history is in rather short supply until I find another of my species to ask... I have thought about reaching out within the fleet but I don't think I am ready for that just yet."

"If you ever do feel ready, please don't hesitate to ask me if you need me to pull strings to get you in contact with people," Collins offered. "On the reading side of things: Sounds like my mom. She's a history prof at NYU, teaching Terran history from 1990 to 2161, and Federation history, when she's not teaching tons of intro courses; It's an interest of mine, but I focus more on political history while she deep dives into social history."

Ky nodded. "I appreciate the offer and I may take you up on it someday" she said with a smile. "I have to admit the social aspect of history does fascinate me. How societal pressure can affect the outcome of even the smallest of moves. How the most unexpected act can lead to the most wonderful of results... The loss of the Enterprise-C at the Battle of Narendra III. A totally unique event that led to better relations with Klingons and the peace we had back then." She knew the relationship with each other now was much more strained. "Sorry, I get into geek mode when I talk about it."

"Not a problem. For me, what got me into history was the Anglo-Irish War and the Irish Civil War, both in the 1920s. Later, I found World War 3, which is when I became a dedicated political history nerd," Collins replied. "What they never like to talk about with regards to Earth's unification was how often it came close to utterly failing, even for a long time after First Contact. Up until about 2100, it was almost day by day. And what got me pulled into the story was a chance reading of documents on the TerraHist datalink as a teenager and the lightbulb of 'Oh, wait, so even meeting the Vulcans solved basically nothing?'"

"Humans are a very emotional and complicated species I have come to realise." Ky admitted to him. "You have a great capacity for growth and you have done over recent centuries but I did notice a shift in you, a reversion, after the Mars attack. I cant blame you for that, protection of oneself, ones species is inherent in all of us." she smiled. "But I think we are getting a bit too deep for a quick bite to eat and our first meeting." she laughed a little.

"Way too deep, yeah. Less philosophy, more fries." Collins replied with a grin.

Lifting a fry up she tipped it at Collins, "Words to live by Lieutenant." she grinned and bit the fry in half gently.


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