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Come Meer You!

Posted on Fri May 8th, 2020 @ 8:09pm by Captain Ky Vo & Tiam Meer

Mission: Prelude: Getting The Team Together
Location: Observation Lounge, Deck 16
Timeline: MD10 - 1900 Hours

Ky had heard there was to be a meteor show that was to pass the station, one that was a monthly occurrence. It was said to be beautiful as it contained gasses that illuminated into different colours and shapes. She couldn't wait to see it. There was also quite a few people who had the same idea.

She wore civilian clothing as she was off duty just now. A flowery dress with leggings to keep her legs warm. Ky felt the station was cold. Looking over her shoulder she heard the raised voice of a man. He looked young, he was Trill from the spots on his body and was coming her way.

"Hey", Tiam called out. "You were in that meeting, right? I'm not used to seeing fleeters out of uniform."

Ky smiled and indicated a space next to her was free. "I was there yeah. Although I am a Marine and not a Fleeter." She corrected. "Fleeters are people like Commander Carro and Lt. Collins." She paused for a moment. "Plus my uniform can be kinda stuffy, I like my comforts when I am off duty. That and not everyone welcomes the sight of a marine walking around, especially on a research station where they don't want us."

"No, way I would have joined up to wear a uniform everyday", Tiam said. "Good thing that others do though, it we probably would have issues in the universe."

"I am sure you would look good in a uniform Tiam." Ky said. "Uniforms are nice enough but they assign ideas from people of who you are. That is why I don't wear one all the time."

"I indeed would probably make the uniform look good", Tiam said. "but I think it would be a bit too confining for someone like me. So, why did you become a marine?"

"They can be a little stuffy." Ky joked a little before he asked his question. For a moment she genuinely thought about why. Why was she there? Why a marine? Why Starfleet?

She had no real idea, no memory of what pushed her into it but she knew why she remained.

"To be honest I don't know." She said pointing to the scar on side of her head. "I was assaulted on Carilla IV 10 years ago and have no real memory of what came before. My reasons as to why I joined the marines 50 years ago are gone. Now my reasons are to fight to keep the stars on the Federations flag, on Starfleet's. To keep my friends safe and protect people in need. The usual cliché stuff." she said with a shrug. "Why did you become a pilot?" she asked returning the favour.

"I am not sure if you can really call me a bona fide pilot", Tiam said. "I just really like the thrill and excitement that flying gives you, especially smaller craft. I first flew when I was ten. I sort of borrowed a Starfleet shuttle. Almost crashed it, but I was able to pull it out of its free-fall at the last minute. Got my blood pumping for sure."

"I can imagine." Ky said laughing a little. "Do you make a habit of 'borrowing' things that aren't yours?" she asked teasing.

"I usually don't take physical things", Tiam said. "I am usually just curious about certain information sources. Some people don't like stuff being looked at."

"No I would imagine people want their private business to remain private." Ky said nodding. The meteor shower began and a smile flashed across her face. There was something about stellar events that made her feel at ease.

"How long have you been off Trill?" she asked indicating his spots.

"Oh, about 3 months", Tiam said. "After Starfleet Command figured out I had hacked their systems, I got a visit by the local constable. Was at the New Zealand penal colony for about a month and a half and then some big-wig Admiral came along and said, 'Do I have a job for you.' And well, I decided to take the job and come here."

"Reminds me of another 'troublesome' pilot..." she said trying to remember who she was talking about. It was Lieutenant Paris of Voyager but her memory was never the most reliable thing for things like that. Ask her to take apart a rifle and reassemble it in time, no problem. "Things worked out well enough for him though in the end."

"Meh", Tiam said. "Life is what it is and what you make of it. It's a new adventure and it seems to have some opportunities to cause some trouble, which I am always down for."

"So I see." Ky replied nodding. She was getting a sense from him that he would be an interesting character on the team. Given from what he was saying at least, trouble seemed to be commonplace with him.

"Oh look, the meteor show is starting." she said as she noticed them come in to view.

Tiam smiled. At least someone could relax and see the small things in life on the team.

Captain Ky Vo
Team Scorpio


Tiam Meer
Team Scorpio


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