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Getting Cache

Posted on Sat Apr 4th, 2020 @ 10:25pm by Lieutenant Robin Maxwell & Commander Salvia Carro
Edited on on Sun Apr 12th, 2020 @ 6:15am

Mission: Prelude: Getting The Team Together
Location: Armory
Timeline: MD 10 1300


His first inclination had been to called up the program of the lavish facility; Hotel, business building , Star Base are all the same to Chaotic. They are places to perform the operation. He had consulted with the Upper command and it will be the Executive Officer kindly volunteered to help him as she knows more of the Parameters than him.

He had the program loaded and left the Arch open as he entered. At least when he spoke to Commander Carro she did not seem type to 'check the Demolitions Guy so he does not blow up the Holodeck type.

Besides, it only happened once and there were proven faulty safeties when it happened. Maxwell check a diagnostic on this Holodeck just to be sure this time.

He just wait in the 'costume' he was supposed to be in this scenario, he needed to adapt to it so it will be natural on the Operation.

"Doing some research on your own?" Sal said as she came into the holodeck behind him. They had only met for a moment at the briefing and she knew nothing about him, not that she was required to but if they were going to hopefully have each other's backs, it didn't hurt to peak in and observe.

"Welcome Commander." He greet as he was looking at the interior of the 'Service Break Room' well away from the posh Guests Areas. "I was going to check the back halls and other places as I do not see myself as a guest wearing that much. Plus A janitor or Bartender are good but I can cook if they are desperate for a place to put me." He turn to her and gave a sly grin. "Care to explore the crypts and store rooms of the Dark and Dismal Servant Areas?"

"Sure, it might give us the advantage, though just because we have intelligence on the buildings doesn't mean that they will turn out to be the same. Keep your eyes open."

"Always keep the eyes open as it is more of a general outline."He told her as he stepped further in. "What I need to really know is the Janitorial Supplies and some basic idea of what I have to work with." He commented. "Also the lower levels have more of the gas and power lines which might come in handy."

"That's true. Well really anything we can learn could be useful." Sal offered her arm as if to let him go first. "Just remember to expect the unexpected as well." "I'm Sal," she replied, wondering if she had introduced herself.

"Chaotic." He gave a wink while stepping forward. "Finding store rooms and supplies is my first focus, do you have any objectives Sal?"

"My job is to insure all of you stay safe, so learning everything I can. And . . . it doesn't hurt if we get to know each other a little better in that time."

"Computer, tricorder to give reading in holo map. " The command to the computer put a tricorder in his hand. "I want to keep us all safe as well, therefore part of the job is to plan diversions so to reach our objectives and if need cover our escape." Beginning to scan the walls. "Ah the Hot and cold water lines are behind this wall." He winked. "Good information to know." He turned to her. "What do you expect of me if I might ask as the Weapons/ Demolitions man?"

"Specifically related to this mission, I couldn't tell you yet. But in general to know what you were hired for, so to speak. Right now it's that simple. It might change." Sal really seemed like she was watching him to try and gain information from the way his face moved.

"To make things go 'Boom' is the major job I am told." He nod to her as they walk. "The Art of the job is to do it without having to smuggle a large device called a 'bomb' into the facility as that is generally frown upon." He explained. "They say the Devil is in the details." He glance over at The Commander. "That being said I was wondering if you might know if there are fire places in the Rooms the Guests occupy?"

"No, I'm not sure. And there is a fine art to making things go boom, you have to know just how much of a boom you want, how much damage you want to do. It's not all reckless abandon, which I'm sure you of all people know."

He stopped dead in his tracks and slowly to look the Commander square in the eye.

"The artistry of demolitions is what I am a Picasso style artistry; I destroyed a Communication facility without a single explosive." Putting up a finger as emphasis. "Which does not count towards my life goal as I did not use milligram of explosives to do it." He narrowed his eyes as he spoke. "Since I do not know how I will be needed covering all possibilities means I need to know the entirety of what I am able to use." He took a breath to stay focused. "When it hits the fan you might be glad that I know how big a distraction I can make to get you and the objective clear... Ma'am." He started to turn back towards his search. "I do not make judgement on your command style; please do not think I do more than the objective calls for please."

"You mean I shouldn't think that you go around blowing things up willy-nilly?" Sal asked curiously.

Reaching in his pocket he took out a spherical shaped thing ; close to a large gumball in size and lightly lobbed it towards Sal.

Catch this." He chuckled as he shook his head slightly.

Sal was a bit jumpy but she caught it, her mind briefly thinking that perhaps he was throwing her something that would explode. She chastised herself for being so paranoid. "What is it?"

"Play with it, mold it a bit; I sculpt out of that stuff, artistic kind of things." He nod to her. "And if I were Nilly-Willy I would not have all my digits and hearing." He wigged all his fingers. "Explosives are not a toy nor the placement or planning for Demolitions. I blow things to Hell upon orders or to protect my team, useless waste of good explosives is blasphemy. A good charge does a preassigned job that I design and modify materials to get the desired effect Commander, it is precise or it does not work."

"Well good," Sal said, not feeling that she had been reprimanded, just told the truth. "I'm glad we see eye to eye on that." She did move the putty around in her fingers, it was oddly satisfying.

"Glad we understand." He nod. "If that molding putty were real it would blow a door wide open." He grinned. "And the reason I need to know what is about is to plan an escape route with little 'traps and delay tactics' in our wake should the need arise. He moved closer. "All hat I do is for the assurance a Lady like you comes back safe, trust me on that." He winked as he turned away to where he was leading them again. "Now shall we see what we can learn from our future surrounding, it could save our lives?"


Lt. Robin Maxwell
Weapons and Demolitions
Team Scorpio

Commander Salvia Carro
Team Scorpio


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