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Medic Arriving

Posted on Sat Apr 25th, 2020 @ 7:28pm by Colonel Horatio Refelian & Lieutenant Shinandra Alleir

Mission: Prelude: Getting The Team Together
Location: Colonel’s Office
Timeline: MD 10 - 1315 Hours

The Colonel read the latest report on the Klingon situation which was occurring. True is was light years away and probably wouldn’t affect him or his team, Refelian liked to stay in the know of current affairs. A sudden chime from his door made his mind instantly leave Klingon space and pop back into his office.

“Come.” He called as he set the PADD he was reading down.

Another day, another post... Shinandra of course remembered everywhere she had gone and every installation she had served on, but most of the time, she didn't bother. Generally, she felt like she had been moved around a lot, but she didn't mind. She liked to go where she was needed, and right now, that was here...

When she heard the call to enter, she approached the desk and the man sitting behind it. "Colonel Refelian," she greeted, coming to the Starfleet version of at-attention. "Lieutenant Shinandra Alleir, reporting for duty."

Seeing the blue on her uniform instantly told him his medic had arrived. Of course he was was expecting her. He had been told to expect a medic when he received the teams first assignment. Refelian pushed himself to his feet and offered his hand to the Lieutenant. “Welcome to Team Scorpio, Lieutenant Alleir. I’ve been expecting you. Please take a seat.”

"Thank you, sir," Nandra said with an easy smile as she shook his hand and then took the seat he was offered. "I'm sorry I'm a bit later than planned, but my transport had some delays. Not much a medical officer can do to help with engineering matters."

“It’s fine, Lieutenant. You’re just in time for our first mission, we’ll be heading to Romulan space to pick up an Intelligence asset but I’ll leave the details of the mission to our final mission briefing tomorrow.” The Colonel explained.

Nandra offered a dry smile. "Sounds about the right time for a medic to be aboard, then," she agreed. In her experience, these sorts of missions went wrong about as often as they went right...and even when they went right, someone always ended up coming to see her. "I'm glad I made it in time."

“As am I. The station does have its own medical facilities but the civilian station Commander doesn’t seem all that keen on sharing. I realise that the teams facilities aren’t that of a starship or Starfleet facility but it’s good to know you’re here of the worse should happen.” Harry said before he smiled. “Well, that was a grim conversation starter, let’s move on. Have you had much experience being on teams like these?”

"I'm comparatively new to this area of Starfleet operations," Nandra said honestly, "but not to working in all sorts of conditions and all sorts of tasks. I've worked in low-tech and high-tech, and all sorts of anything else you can imagine."

Harry smiled, “That sounds like another day wearing the uniform. Good, I’m glad you’re not wet behind the ears, you’ve got the experience you’ll need to work with this team. Do you have any questions about your assignment here?”

Shinandra shook her head. "I just need to be pointed to my quarters and told where to start, sir."

“Unfortunately, I wouldn’t call them quarters, they’re a box room with a bed and closet, that’s just about it. They’re just down the corridor, you’re name should be on the door. “ The Colonel stated as he stood up and offered the Lieutenant his hand. “A pleasure to be working with you.”

There was a bed and a place to store her crap. Sounded about like all she needed. Getting to her feet, she took the offered hand and shook it with a smile. "A pleasure to be working with you too, sir."

“Welcome to Team Scorpio. Dismissed, Lieutenant.” Refelian said.


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