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Mission Finalisation

Posted on Mon Apr 27th, 2020 @ 5:44pm by Colonel Horatio Refelian & Lieutenant Robin Maxwell & Lieutenant Shinandra Alleir & Lieutenant John Collins & Captain Seregon French & Captain Ky Vo & Tiam Meer

Mission: Prelude: Getting The Team Together
Location: Holodeck
Timeline: MD 12 - 1000 Hours

Colonel Refelian stood in the town centre of the holographic representation of Imaluna. He wanted to do the mission briefing here so his team got a feel for the resort. He had programmed the computer to run as it would currently but only on a view setting not an interaction setting. Meaning the computer simulation would run without the team being seen or heard by the holographic Romulans.

Maxwell strode into the representation with Padd in hand; the list of things that he was going to have ready for any who wished to review it; the list had gone through the Colonel, Commander and Collins. Maxwell was on his Jumpsuit uniform ash he was still going over the light ordinance that would be the components he could mix later for some 'distraction' should they be needed. have a two part mix; mainly the accelerator and Base compound would show as just plain inert things like ink for pens or even the spray on colognes and basic toiletries. He had spent hours exploring this simulation an finding the supplies he could use later. He still did not know if the Rooms had gas firepaces or used a combustable material to stoke the fires?

"Colonel Sir." Maxwell said with a jovial tone. "Looks like time to get serious right?"

Sal came in with her face in a PADD and nearly bumped into Maxwell. "Oh sorry Lieutenant." She knew she was a klutz but had been hoping to keep it a secret a bit longer. She'd failed when she'd tripped and landed nearly on her nose in front of Refelian the first time they'd met.

"We all have our moments." Maxwell said to 'Sal'. "Glad you did not fall Commander. He winked to her

Seregon entered the holodeck. It was set up like the resort so it was time everyone learned what part they would play on this mission. Because the alternative was painful and final. “Hi guys. Are we ready to get started? Colonel it’s good to see you.” She said through slight nerves which she knew would pass.

Collins entered at this point, saying little. He'd run through the plan a few times by himself; it was going to be less plan than a playbook of improvisation options, if he was honest. Such was the nature of the job.

“It’s getting close to getting serious, Lieutenant Maxwell.” Refelian replied.

Tiam came in the room in an engineer's jumpsuit that was dirty. He had been working on the ship when this little gathering of friends was called. He wondered if Starfleet was always so full of meetings.

Unsure how to dress for a meeting of this sort Ky dressed in her standard uniform. Always playing it safe when it came to attire to wear. The program looked good, Collins had done a good job.

Settling in on new posts had gotten to be a quicker and quicker process over the years so she was already as set as she could be before she headed to the meeting with the rest of the team. She said little and probably wasn't much noticed as she slipped in, but she made herself aware and observed teh detail of the scenario around her as well as the other persons present.

Once everyone had arrived Refelian began. “Welcome to the Imaluna resort. How is our mission profile coming?”

"I know this place pretty well." Maxwell did not need to look around to know where he was. "though getting to the actual Zone of Operation will allow me to finally get an idea of what we have to work with?" He replied. "Having the bit of a janitor will allow me to move about better and get access to the grounds and sub-floors to better be able to set some escape routes that we need once on site."

Refelian nodded before looking at his Intelligence Officer. “Lieutenant Collins, I’m guessing we aren’t all going to be janitors as that will be highly suspicious in itself.”

French looked around admiring the level of detail.

"I don't know, I look good in overalls sir." Ky joked as she moved up near him. "Although I would imagine my skills for cleaning up house are as good as anyone's."

"Hardly all janitors, sir. You'll be a lawyer acting as risk management and sentient resources manager; Commander Carro will be an electrical engineer tasked with running a shift overseeing the power systems. I will be the team's attached legal counsel. Lieutenant Maxwell will be a janitor, Captain French will be a bartender. Everyone else, I'm less certain on appropriate covers, but we can come up with them, there's still time," Collins replied with a confident smile.

"Oh good, pretending to fix things is my favorite thing to do," Sal joked.

Seregon began nodding her head to the affirmative. “Drink is something I know well enough. But I better brush up on my Romulan.

Refelian glanced at the teams new medic, “Would it be easier if we had some Romulan’s in the group?” Implying some facialcl changes might be needed.

"No. Unless those people already speak extremely-fluent Romulan, it's too risky, because you'd screw up in ways Romulans would never screw up. They'll accept non-Romulans, however uneasily; they have no choice in the past few decades," Collins noted.

“Sir I have a question. Is this Romulan a willing participant in all of this. I mean he is the one who said he’s ready to get out correct?” Asked French

“Yes, Captain. He is the one who has asked for extraction as he believes he is being tracked, presumably by the Tal Shiar.” Refelian replied.

Tiam was checking out the simulation and said, "I'm not really good at all this cloak and dagger stuff, at least face to face, so I guess I'll be what you want me to be."

That got an amused grin from the Intel officer. "Which is why you'll be the on-site computer network repair guy," Collins informed the youngster.

"I agree on the implied persona of a Romulan; they are more crafty than Vulcans with logic but they embrace emotional reactions in a calculating manner rather than suppression. They emote 'Logical reactions' in their emotions and use their Touch Empathy in ways Vulcans do not. Part of why they are considered formidable"

Tiam smiled almost evilly at the thought of computer network repair guy. Although he was a good pilot, his real passion was computers and hacking. He now knew he was going to be spending a lot of late nights learning Romulan as he wanted to be able to access their systems. It would be a crack of the lifetime for him.

He had to stop himself from rubbing his hands together as he said, "Sure thing."

"Don't get too enthusiastic, this isn't a joyride Mr. Meer." Sal reminded him. She could just see him pressing the wrong button, it was how so many men died in her opinion.

Ky scanned the surroundings looking for a perch, an overwatch position where she could survey those around her. She spotted a small hill covered in foliage and trees a fair distance from the grounds but still had a good line of sight to the outside area and 2 sides of the building, balconies and such.

"If needed I can set up over there?" she pointed to the hill. "I would need to do a little RECON of it to see if it is safe to set up shop but otherwise I am open to the idea of role play. I am quite convincing and my El Aurian physiology can be quite compelling to those that keep secrets. We are not a race of Listeners because we want to listen, we are because people talk too much and we can choose to take advantage of that knowledge or not." Ky added as she fixed a stray hair that had fallen down to her face.

Shinandra was pretty good at listening herself, even if just as a plain ole human. She took in her surroundings both in the program as well as her new teammates, and she did so for a time before even venturing to say anything herself. Finally she did, "If we're all boots on the ground, a doctor can manage to fit in almost anywhere. From overpaid on vacation to visiting academic," she commented. "I've been a doctor longer than I've been Starfleet, so being the former again without the latter won't be a hard sell."

“Alright, what’s our plan for this extraction? Two teams, one for the extraction of the Senator and the other to create interference while this is going down?” Refelian asked looking at his tactics and intelligence people.

"Sounds feasible," Sal said as she glanced around counting how many people there were . . . . unless someone new was showing up that she didn't know about.

In the back of his mind Chaotic grinned; Maxwell had a deeply rooted feeling that he would be a member of the second team. The one that would be 'very' distracting if half what was found is actually there on site?

"I can cause some interference and trouble", Tiam said with a smile. "Sort of a specialty of mine."

In the back of her mind Sal wondered if that would be enough. This was the Tal Shiar after all. Were they really going to fall for a simple bait and switch? "Why not have both teams make themselves known. Instead of trying to blend in, why not create a bang, then they might not know who to go for? We could have a very small third team get him out quickly without being noticed."

"This is the kind of place Tal Shiar assigns rookies and those on the verge of a comfortable retirement, to be honest. The ones to be afraid of are either assigned on more core worlds or on active service outside of Romulan space," Collins noted. "It's no reason to be cocky, because the problem is that this resort is a good few hectares in size. Our target could be anywhere on that resort, so surveillance and pre-extraction recon is required. It'll take 24 hours. At that point, we're already forced to rule out dynamic approaches unless we have literally no other option, so why not go and do it quietly? Unless someone here feels suicidal. Going in guns blazing is just going to lead to a shootout between the team on the ground and an ever-increasing volume of Romulans with bigger weaponry."

“I think I agree with that assessment. And I think the quietly quietly approach is the way to go. With built in safeguards covering our digress!” Said French referring to the explosions that could help them get away if needed.

"Who said anything about weapons?" Sal asked. "Creating a distraction has nothing to do with that and I only meant after we find the person."

"A well placed whisper amongst a overly suspicious race can do as much damage as any grenade." Ky admitted as she agreed with Sal's comment.

"True enough, but Colonel? How much time in that system will we have? I was thinking 7 days at an absolute maximum." Collins asked.

"Please do not underestimate the power of a well place charge that could accidentally knock over a display table with only a slight pop." Maxwell interjected. "Accidental if done right. I find it distressing you believe explosives are only booming fanfare." He shook his head. "A broken hinge that lets out some loose dishes." He explained. "If you tell me the distractions I can make them almost seem normal I have approximately three Kilos ready to be at our disposal and it will be right under the noses of Romulans, and with three days that Leaves me many options from distractions to covering an escape with chaos depending on the areas I have highlighted to place them Sir. " He had a casual expression as he spoke to the group.

“The Senator will arrive at the resort in 5 days, he’ll be there for 14 days. During that time he is expecting a Federation team to extract him.” Refelian said. “I’d rather not be blowing up parts of a Romulan resort. We’ll have Romulan ships appearing from everywhere looking for those responsible and make our job a lot harder than it already is. This needs us to be calm and tactical, rather than using blunt force. I appreciate this is a difficult ask for a new team but you’re all professionals in your areas. Let’s make this happen. Lieutenant Collins is our lead on this mission as he has a lot of information on the resort. We need to sort out the two teams and head for Romulan space. The extraction will probably need to be moulded to the Senators routine to help our extraction work, hence the 24 hour surveillance.”

Seregon had said nothing for some time. Now was as good a time as any.
“The Col. Is absolutely right. We need to be thinking, Surgical precision. Find him. Make contact and begin execution of extraction. And anybody looking at us will be looking in the wrong direction. By the time they realise he is gone. We should be light years away with no trail to follow. And to that end is how we should train.” Said the Marine Captain.

"I could forgo the plastique if you want some accident to draw attention away?" Maxwell; just a series of 'malfunctions' that are nothing much individually and by time they really analyze we will be on our next mission if you like?"

"Assuming I have some time to learn Romulan", Tiam said. "I can probably have some false sensor readings kick off, away from the extraction route. Unless you want me staying with the ship."

“If we’re having two teams, I suggest having one arrive via public transport the other will be arriving on the Virginia Hall.” Refelian said, making reference to the Ju’Day ship which had been assigned to them. “Teams will consist of the following, Team 1, Commander Carro, Lieutenant’s Collins, and Captains French & Vo. Team 2 will be Lieutenant’s Maxwell & Alleir, Mr. Meer and myself. Any problems with that?” The Colonel asked as he looked around at the team.

French was looking at the Col. When she nodded to the affirmative.
“I’ll be tending bar. I’m sure he will approach me at some point or I can approach him. Is there a contact word or phrase o let him know it’s happening?” Asked French

Maxwell shook his head.

"I'm good", Tiam said. "Just point the direction you want me to fly the ship."

"No sir," Sal said looking at her team mates individually.

"What is my role within Team 1?" Ky asked. She had yet to be told if she had a cover story, a background with which to blend in to, or if she was on overwatch duty.

"You'll be a massage therapist, who'll coax clients in extremely vulnerable situations into telling them things to get them off their chest. I'll hear those things, and they'll become helpful intel take," Collins replied. "No questions from me, Colonel. Just give us 36 hours to find a suitable public transport across the border who won't ask questions of team 1. Should be easy, but I gotta run things by our logistics team."

Sal raised her eyebrows at this particular cover and she wondered just what Captain Vo would think of it. It seemed rather an odd cover but whatever it took to get this mission underway.

Shinandra looked around and then shook her head. "No problems from me," she said easily. She made a note of the three others that she would be on a team with.

“I can always see if the Agamemnon is close by, she could pick up your team and drop you and the nearest passenger transport hub?” Refelian offered.

"Should work fine. We'll take any supplies that can withstand inquiry by the Romulan border patrol with us, let the Virginia Hall take everything else, and meet up on planet at a safe house to be designated by encrypted comms. Safe house is where we will run mission control from."

"Just a question", Tiam said. "Do you think the Romulans are really going to let us land with our dear lady? Do we have some sort of clearance already? After all she is not a Romulan ship."

"She isn't, but the post-Hobus Romulan Free State is much more decentralized than the Empire ever was. This planet has a policy of letting any ship that is not a threat land. Additionally, we'll be giving you codes that will act as passes to cross the border and approach the planet. Whether you can disembark is decided at the spaceport, though, so be ready to pay bribes," Collins replied.

“Alright, I’ll contact Captain Haas on the Agamemnon and see if he can stop by and pick up Team 1, that’ll help you at least get to a transport hub to book passage to Romulan space.” Refelian said. “It seems like we’ve ironed out most of the details but one still bothers me. Distracting the Romulans enough to allow us to do our job. Lieutenant Collins, could we use our assets paranoia to our advantage? Perhaps point the finger at someone else to distract the Romulan authorities enough to allow us to go unnoticed?”

"Should be very possible, but will take the work of our network attack team back here. If I were to try to hack those databases plus the resort's security systems from the safe house, it'd increase our chances of discovery greatly, nearly to a certainty. If the network attack teams, our hackers, do it from here, they can hide their traffic and make it look unrelated to a greater extent. But I will be cutting the tasking order to them to do so, and will discuss the target of such diversions with you privately, sir," Collins replied confidently.

“Ok then.” The Colonel nodded before looking at the rest of the team. “Any further questions?”

Seregon observed and made notes. Sometimes being a part of a team like this was as simple as doing your job and hoping everyone else got their part done. “Not on my end sir. I’m good. I know my job and I’ll carry it out to the utmost of my ability. As I’m sure each of these guys will. Let’s make it happen. “ she said and was satisfied.

"I am quite clear, no questions." Maxwell agreed.

"None here, sir," Nandra replied simply. Her job didn't usually truly begin until something stupid happened that caught a person in its wake.

Tiam smiled and said, "None for me."

Ky shook her head in the negative. She would need to look into massage therapy if that was to be her cover. She would use her pheromones to get the 'clients' to reveal their secrets to her... although she was unsure how this would work on Romulans as they have a very disciplined mind. Time would tell.

"None, sir." Collins replied.

“Very well, you’re all dismissed.” The Colonel said with a proud nod. The planning of this mission was going fairly well. He hoped they their work would pay off and no one would get hurt.


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