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Strategic Booms

Posted on Mon Apr 27th, 2020 @ 10:05pm by Captain Seregon French & Lieutenant Robin Maxwell

Mission: Prelude: Getting The Team Together
Location: Office of Stratagist
Timeline: TBD


Having been over the plans of the Area of Operation, Maxwell is very good at what he does; but still he does consult the advice of experts. While overall destruction of Romulan Facilities and Operational power sources or Communications is his usual goal , he had need of more subtle objectives. Being the case of an extraction process it seemed prudent to seek Tactical Advice on this occasion. Whom better that the Tactics Expert for insights?

"Captain French. Lieutenant Maxwell here, could I have a few moments to talk shop and get your views on some things of the upcoming Operation Ma'am?"

The Mcapt tapped her combadge.
“Of course. I’m in my office. Or shall I come to you?” She asked

"I do not mind coming to your office." He started on his way there; same deck meant short trip. "I am the one with a request, it seems only fair I come to you."

[Not Long after]

Maxwell entered French's office with PADD in hand.

"Thank you for seeing me on such short notice." He offered a handshake. "Lieutenant Robin Maxwell; Chaotic call sign, pleased to meet you formally ma'am."

“Come on in. What’s on your mind.” Asked French

"I wish to not clash with your plans of extraction; I have spent all the waking hours I can on that simulation and i have a feel for the place and resources I can utilize for distractions should we need them." He look in her eyes directly. "You are the Tactical Officer and I am sure you have scout things out; I just want to know where you have as possible escape routes so I can think how to cover us?"

“Great minds think alike. I’d like for you to set as many distractions as possible. That way if we get stuck. You can cave in some points and give us more time to come up with a solution should we have to go off book.” Said French

"I took the personality of a Janitor; they go everywhere on the Lifts not used by the masses." He grinned. "Given our limited resources I would naturally make distractions to all the exit routes slowly; I figure two shifts to effectively complete that; I could do overtime but do not want to draw attention to me." He nod. That way you will have options." He thought for a second. "Do you know if they have gas fire places in this place?" He asked as though it just came to mind.

“Not as of yet. Collins and I have to go over the place with a fine toothed comb. If you would like to sit in. I’m sure it would be both advantageous and informative.” Said Seregon

"I agree and I have utilized Collnis to get special equipment for this operation and respect his insights." Maxwell answered. "Might I inquire what you see as my support of you in this operation; any specific things you require?" He grinned. "I have been known to whip up some special gear for operatives?

“That is a subject we can cover with Collins. If something happens to me. He should know what I know. So when you meet with Collins and I. We will discuss that very subject.” Said French

"Why is it no one really knows what to do with the demolitions Specialist?" Maxwell chuckled. "Always passed off to someone else or another meeting.

“Actually I do know. But I want to share you with the others. “ said French with a smile.

"You have to respect someone willing to share." Maxwell grinned.

“I’m glad you feel that way. Now let’s get to this briefing.” Said French and the two of them headed for the team briefing.


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