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Another Allen Town Accident

Posted on Wed Apr 29th, 2020 @ 8:17am by Lieutenant Robin Maxwell & Lieutenant John Collins

Mission: Prelude: Getting The Team Together
Location: Training Area
Timeline: Day after "Mission finalisation"


He had to get the charge set; this is one of the 'Extraction Routes' the team needed. This lower basement exit is used for bringing in supplies, a few well placed charges and He would have the route secure. The yield on these is pretty high as this route is an Emergency one; planed to be under fire and on run. He would bring down the wall from the hallway, not load bearing so easier bring it down and leave the room to the exit clear.

He moved along getting the precise placement when he heard voices coming down the corridor; checking his watch ; thre should be no one here at this damn hour, He had to get out of sight.

"Hey what are you..." The fact that he was pinned became really obvious.

The two foot patrol people were advancing; he dashed from the doorway as a disruptor hit the entrance...

The Boom was loud and threw him a bit as the excess energy detonated the charge.

"End Simulation..." The voice of Allen sang out above the ringing in his ears. "Guess we need to work on your cat like reflexes Chaotic." Allen said with a sly grin. That could have been your last Boom, better we do it here." She offered a hand to help him up.

"You did that on purpose." He scolded and took the offered hand.

"Of course; worst case events can happen and planning is always a good precaution." She had to work a bit to help him up, then he pitch forward into her. "What..." His wince in her ear told her this is not him being forward.

"Did you program that too?" He said in obvious pain.

"I just warned you about you're not Cat Like reflexes..." She help hold him up. "Allen to Sick Bay I have an injury here can you site to site?"

=^= Great, another accident in Allen Town? =^= the voice of the nurse replied. =^= Arranging Site transport to Biobed one, who this time?=^= The nurse joked.

"I hate Sick Bays." He commented irritated.

"I get you a Popsicle after your Boo Boo fixed." She said as the transporter took hold.

[XO Office]

Allen strode into the Executive Officer's Office; still in the regulation utility Jumpsuit and combat rigging vestment. She knew the incident would not bode well but things happen; a few combat drops behind lines and an infiltration or two told her that. Still she hoped to be ahead of the medical call. Best for her if she told him first.

"Lt. Collins Sir." Allen began. "We have a complication with Team two."

"I heard about one of our people going to sickbay. This about that?" Collins asked.

"Yes Sir." She stood at ease. "Lieutenant Maxwell took a spill during simulation and has a broken ankle with some tendon damage, Doctors say three weeks to let tendons heal right." She reported. "Maxwell is none the too happy with me right now."

"I can imagine. How exactly did the incident occur?" Collins asked.

"He was setting a charge; the scenario had guards coming in his direction and he was spotted, they fired as he evaded; closer to he tried, and the charges went off due to the energy discharge hitting them and he ... slipped and took a fall. Could have happened to anyone, but better it was here than in the field or he might have gotten out of his recovery time."

"He slipped, fell, and broke his ankle?" Collins confirmed. "I'm not doubting what you're saying, but I do want to remind you - we gotta report training accidents like this to the medical team at Intel HQ. A broken ankle is possible from a slip and fall, but it would indicate concussive force greater than slippery terrain could generate." Pause. "So a followup question: Who was watching the safety issues for this exercise?"

"The safeties were checked before it started by me." Allen admitted. "The terrain was a flat deck from one of the loading areas of the target location." She assured. "I take responsibility as it did happen on my watch. He did trip on his own feet, and had it been on the operation there would not have been paste left of him were that charge real, it could have leveled the room." She looked him in the eye. "That aside, it was an accident on my watch Sir."

"Understood. Given the level of injury and the circumstances, there will be an investigation, but as the investigating officer I can tell you it'll mostly be checking the documentation trail and the holodeck video logs," Collins noted before continuing: "It'll also wait until after our op. In regards to that: Get ready. You'll be taking Maxwell's place on Team 2; I'll have a cover ready for you by the end of today, and you'll take a job at the resort fitting that cover."

"Diversionary Team Sir?" Allen confirmed. "I do hope ; with respects, you are not expecting me to be able to level a room, that tactic is what injured Maxwell?" She mentioned and then righted herself. "I will be waiting your cover story and when you are ready I will be in the Simulation making sure I know the lay of the land from an active vantage this time." Snares and wedges in sliding doors should delay and not cause as much alarm as explosives, but she needed evaluate the rigging just to be sure in her mind.
"Correct, your job is strictly diversionary. Create a mess when signalled, then get the hell out of the area." Collins replied. "I know you don't have Maxwell's demo training; it won't be required, and would in fact be somewhat detrimental to utilize explosives in most scenarios."

"It would be a shame to wake any sleeping guests to our purpose." Allen said calmly. "Then I take it I will be going in as a Janitor?" She kept a straight face. "Should I dye my hair Sir?" She asked logically. "Romulans are known for darker shade and mine could .... be remembered in retrospect, another dark haired female might blend better in the crowd of females Sir?"

"You'll be a maid. You might want to dye your hair, but I wouldn't try to pass for Romulan. Just be a dark-haired human," Collins replied.

"I had only wanted not to be a rare blonde." Allen shrugged. Black hair and blue eyes is not all that strange so blend with the female domiated dark hair." She grinned. "Black uniform and hair should help me just be one in the crowd?"

"Hopefully, yeah."

"No one notices the Hired Help Sir," Allen pointed out. "I do not think I should many other problems aside from the bland uniform choices." She nod. "The identity should not take so much will it, I am not a prominent figure this time around?"

"No. Your longer term cover identity is being worked up and will be delivered in 24 hours, however," Collins noted, "But the short term cover for this op, that'll be done by the end of day today."

"One thing at a time then." Allen commented. "If there is nothing else I should go and do more training before departure..." She nod. "From the inside of the Operational vantage point. If you do not mind I will get on that Sir?"

"Of course. Dismissed."



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