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Heads Up

Posted on Thu May 21st, 2020 @ 7:43pm by Colonel Horatio Refelian & Jennie Bright

Mission: Prelude: Getting The Team Together
Location: Station Commander’s Office
Timeline: MD11 - 1100 Hours

Colonel Refelian decided to be nice and inform the Station’s civilian commander that a Federation Starship would be showing up to escort part of his team to the nearest transport hub.

He quickly made his way through the Station’s Control Centre and arrived at the station commander’s office. He pressed the door chime once and waited for permission to enter.

"Come in," Jennie called thinking it might be Meer. Her face fell however when Colonel Refelian walked into her office. "Colonel, what can I do for you?," she asked stiffly.

“And what a pleasure it is to see you too, Doctor.” Refelian replied sarcastically. He’d hoped the first frosty encounter would have melted a little, but it seems it hadn’t.

She took a breath. She didn't really know where the hostility was coming from. There was no excuse for her behavior except not liking men like him who thought they deserved everything and took what they wanted. Jennie looked at him expectantly, not wanting to ask again.

“I’ll get on with it then.” Harry said with a brief pause before continuing. “I just wanted to let you know that the starship Agamemnon will be approaching the station at some point tomorrow to pick up half of my team for a mission.”

"A starship," she repeated. "A simple pick up. So they're not sticking around?" It seemed like a silly question but she wanted to verify that there wasn't going to be a bunch more Starfleet officers clogging up her station.

“A couple of hours tops. I doubt anyone from the Agamemnon will be coming over here unless you invite them. Once my team are aboard they’ll be gone.” Harry replied honestly.

"Okay then." Jennie said watching him carefully. "So is this some kind of secret mission that you can't tell me about? Not that I'm that curious or anything."

“The mission is like my team being assigned to this station. Nonexistent.” The Colonel replied.

"Uhuh," She figured as much. "Well good luck, have fun and all that." Jennie looked at him wondering if there was anything else. "Don't die, I'm sure that will make too much paperwork for someone somewhere. Though if it's a top secret mission, maybe not."

“Well it won’t be my paperwork.” Harry said with a chuckle. “But thank you. Have you have any problems with my team since we’ve arrived?”

"No, not really." Jennie replied. "I did sort of show one of them around after he witnessed me stepping off on the wrong deck and running into a bulkhead." She tried not to blush at the thought.

Harry raised an eyebrow, “So the almighty Doctor Bright is human after all.” He said with a smile.

"Occasionally," she said with one eyebrow raised at his cheeky grin. "Don't go spreading that around, I already had to bribe your pilot to keep it quiet."

“Hmm, I wonder what the price might be to keep my silence?” He asked. Was he finally getting past the ice cold exterior of the civilian station Commander or was she like an onion with many layers.

"I'm probably not paying anything you're thinking about," Jennie replied though she hadn't scowled at him. "Here's an idea Colonel. If you want my trust, earn it."

“How can I earn it?” He asked with a respectful bow of his head.

She had not expected him to ask that. A smirk and a sarcastic comment seemed much more his style. It left her at a loss for words for a good half minute. "If you survive this mission, learn something new." Jennie suddenly said without thinking too much. "One fact about Botany and tell me what it is."

“The study of plants? Don’t tell your a green fingered Doctor?” Harry asked.

"I am. Though on this station botany is more of a hobby." Jennie answered waiting for some kind of teasing on his part.

"What's your field then?" Harry asked, his curiosity had been peaked as to what the Doctor's field was.

She almost refused to answer. "I'm a xenobiologist." Jennie replied quietly.

"Must be a pretty good one to get command of your own science station, but what could you be studying in the middle of nowhere?" Harry asked, curiously.

"You are very nosy." Jennie replied. "We study a lot of things but yes, there is one focus for us." She looked at him. "Maybe if you bring me back a botany fact I'll share that with you."

Harry smiled, “Very well, I best come back in one and with this fact of yours. I’ll leave you to your work, Doctor.” He said before giving a respectful nod, turning on his heel and left.

Jennie blinked and watched him leave. He still had that stupid smirk but there had been a change in him. Time would tell how far it went.


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