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Command Adjustment

Posted on Wed May 20th, 2020 @ 7:20pm by Colonel Horatio Refelian & Lieutenant John Collins

Mission: Prelude: Getting The Team Together
Location: Colonel’s Office
Timeline: MD 11 - 0900

Colonel Refelian closed the comm to Captain Haas aboard the Agamemnon. He had agreed to swing by the station and pick up his team and drop them at the nearest transport hub. He was just taking a sip of his coffee when the door chime rang.

“Come.” He simply said after he swallowed the hot coffee and placed the cup back on his desk.

With that, Collins walked in. "It's been far, far too interesting a 24 hours, sir."

“Go on then, you tell me yours and then I’ll tell you mine.” Refelian replied with a chuckle.

"Maxwell got himself injured in a training sim this morning, apparently because the explosives he set got hit by an energy weapon blast," Collins led with the bad news. "Ankle injury, injured tendons, no-go for 3 weeks according to the docs. So he's scrubbed, and replaced by Allen on team 2."

“Well shit!” Refelian said as he chucked the PADD he was holding onto the desk as his smile dropped. “I’ve not met Allen yet, what do you think?”

"She seems...vastly less concerning than Maxwell did." Collins admitted. "I know very little about her beyond her file, but she strikes me as far more stable."

The colonel took a deep breath, “Sometimes unstable has its qualities.” He replied before pausing. “You think she’ll cope on this mission?”

"Yeah, no concerns there. That's just it, I had more concerns about Maxwell on-mission, and way more off-mission. Allen doesn't have demo training, but for this mission that's not necessary," Collins responded easily.

“Let’s hope not anyway.” The Colonel grinned. “Can Maxwell be treated here or should I ask the Agamemnon’s CMO if they could take a look?”

"The physical wound? Treated here. The mental issues....?" Collins looked uneasy.

“You think he needs additional help?” The Colonel asked looking for an honest opinion.

"To say the least. It was instructive when I spoke hypothetically with an Academy classmate of mine who went into Medical, now a psychiatrist. As soon as I mentioned 2 POW stints, I got told to say no more. Maxwell is, according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, a textbook case of Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with Dissociative Identity Disorder. How he did not get a medical retirement is beyond me. He could be treated here, but it would take months of intensive work with our trauma specialist; Alternatively, Starfleet Intelligence has a standing arrangement, I was informed by this classmate, with a residential treatment center near New Orleans that specializes in treating victims of torture. That would be probably the better long-term option, but it'd be questionable if he would ever return to Scorpio, or indeed front-line service of any nature." Collins was blunt, but his words were, if delivered with finality, also a certain sadness. He was basically leaving no way for Maxwell to return to front-line service, and he knew it.

“Placed him here so he’s out of the way. How did he get injured?” The Colonel asked, curious as to how the Lieutenant got injured, wondering if it was simply an accident or something to do with this problem.

"Apparently, energy weapons fire set off the explosives he'd set during a training run. He sprained his ankle falling over." Collins shrugged. "Nothing to do with his psych issues, but the reality is we can't ignore those, either."

“He was cleared for this team though. They’re not going to let someone with big psych issues be assigned to a covert team.” Refelian said.

"Normally, but remember where my last posting was before this place? They went for 'whoever could be spared from current assignments' when they were cutting orders. I'd be surprised if they even looked as far as the detailed psych history in his file. I didn't get the impression Vice Admiral T'Val really was a fan of the concept, either, herself - her staff fortunately is far less hostile to it." Pause. "I got picked because her chief of staff liked my record and figured the team needed someone with collections and analysis experience to have a fighting chance at succeeding."

“True. But I won’t hang Maxwell out to dry without give him a chance.” The Colonel replied simply. “I give everyone on my team a chance to prove themselves, if he doesn’t or puts us in danger then he’ll be gone but I like him. I think he could be of good use to the team.” Harry paused for a moment as he thought. “Haven’t we had a Counselor type assigned to the team’s auxiliary staff.”

"We have. Psychiatrist who is, helpfully for this case, specialized in trauma psychiatry," Collins replied. "I'm thinking an ordered referral for a fitness for duty exam, bearing on Maxwell's Certificate for Interstellar Service, is in order. It's a hell of a stick to wield, but I don't see any better option. You'd need to write the order and the reason for referral, though I'll feed you some of the precise phrasing HQ needs to see."

“I’ll do the paperwork and get the referral in. At least Maxwell will have the time to do this while we’re on the mission.” Refelian said as he picked up a PADD and added it to his ‘to do’ list. “Want to hear news I’ve just received?”

"Yes please." was Collins's quick response.

"We've lost Carro as the team's executive officer. She was shipped out this morning." Refelian replied, unable to hide the disappointment in his voice.

"Even worse, she was team's engineer and had a fairly key role on the mission in facilitating access for everyone else. On that front, I can adjust, but I was really hoping we'd have someone running interference in the facilities management area. Her electrical engineering training made her ideal for a cover as a power system supervisor," Collins noted. "I see the look on your face as I talk...You want me to take up the XO slot, huh?"

Refelian hadn't even realised that the team had lost their engineer. It was a double blow for sure, but one they couldn't dwell on being so close to kicking off their mission. The Colonel was pleased that Collins was on his wave length. "I know your a little inexperienced for the position but I think your best for the job in the current team. Would only be a temporary arrangement until another person can be found, but would be good experience for you."

"Fair enough." Collins replied. "For the record, the only training I'm missing before Starfleet Command would say I'm in promotion zone are the intelligence officer advanced course - that'll have to wait until we're back here, it takes 3 weeks on the distance learning track when you put it amid everything else - and starship watch officer certification, which we'll want to figure out when we're not under time pressure because that's not a course we should have me skip under any circumstances. Otherwise, I'll accept the role without hesitation."

"I'll bear your interest in mind. Starfleet hasn't said anything about a replacement yet, so I can put your name forward if that's the direction you want to take in your career." The Colonel replied, happy to help the younger man take the necessary steps into command.

"Please do. I don't know if it's widely known outside Intel, but intelligence collections officers like me operate on an 'up or out' basis - if we aren't advancing, it begins to count against us. Hence why I was somewhat relieved to be reassigned from a staff post I'd been lateraled into after my previous tour," Collins noted. "I'm unaware of any other branch of Starfleet that does up or out so strictly."

“I think you’re right there, Mr Collins. The Military used to be like that centuries ago but hasn’t been like that since the MACO’s and Starfleet we’re merged after the Romulan war.” Refelian replied.

That got a quiet nod. "It is what it is. They never say it, but after Layton and some other conspiracies, the running guess is that it reduces the chances of any particular officer building fiefdoms."

“Makes sense. Intel seems to have been a hub for those sorts of activities so I can understand the theory behind it.” The Colonel replied before a brief pause. “Was there anything else you wanted to discuss, Lieutenant?”

"No, sir, not at this time," Collins replied.

“Very well, Lieutenant. Dismissed.”


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