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Leavin'...on a starship...

Posted on Wed May 20th, 2020 @ 7:23pm by Colonel Horatio Refelian & Lieutenant John Collins & Captain Seregon French & Captain Ky Vo

Mission: Prelude: Getting The Team Together
Location: Armoury
Timeline: MD12 - 1500 Hours

Harry walked into the equipment area where Team 1 were getting ready to depart for the mission. All 3 of them were wearing civilian clothing as expected and carried a couple of bags each for their journey.

“How are we looking?” The Colonel asked, he tone was serious and even. This was no holiday trip after all.

“I have everything I need.” Said French

"I think we're all ready," Collins replied.

“Captain Vo?” The Colonel asked the teams sniper. “You ready?”

"And raring sir." She replied snapping a clip closed on her belt. She was to be an 'electrician of sorts and had noticed communications poles within the structure she could 'repair'. It gave her a good overview of the surroundings as well, and the positioning of the structures was quite fortuitous.

“Good.” Refelian said as he moved to the corner of the room and moved a couple of crates to unbury a box which he dragged out and opened before walking away. “Your weapons for the mission.” He said as he walked away from the modified Cardassian military weapons which were in the box.

"Cardassian disruptor rifles. Clearly fresh from a depot, and the serial numbers filed clean off." Collins identified. "My compliments to our arms dealer."

Seregon stepped behind the bar which was made up to the exact specifications of the one they would be working. Her attire was revealing and yet business like. The call was for a bartender. And that’s what she gave them. “Anybody care for a Romulan Ale?” She asked whilst pours it and then placing it on the counter.

“Compliments of Starfleet security. They’ve been modified to work as a Starfleet phaser but at a glance, they pass as Cardassian side arms.” The Colonel said proudly.

"Whoa. So do they work off atomic disruption or nadion beams? Can't be both, and nadion beams are a dead giveaway of Starfleet." Collins asked, surprised.

“Atomic disruption.” Refelian replied. “A standard scan will simply see a standard Cardassian weapon. Stripped down and throughly examined then it won’t pass, however, Cardassian weapons have been on the market for decades. For most independents it’s the weapon of choice so no questions should be asked.”

"I hope you're right." Collins answered.

The Colonel gave Collins a reassuring nod before looking at Captain Vo. “Are you going to carry your rifle on civilian transport or would you like us to bring it on the Virginia Hall? I’d hate for you to get caught with it in transit.”

Ky smiled a little. "I'll be taking it with me on board civilian transport sir. I don't like my rifle to leave my side... occupation quirk." She added at her grin got wider. However she did note a look of concern from the Colonel and her grin softened to a genuine look "I wont get caught sir."

"I have to say that I agree!" Said MCapt French

"Alright, any questions before you depart?" Refelian asked as he glanced at the three officers standing before him.

"Plan is still for both teams to meet up at the safe house on-planet before anybody deploys, right?" Collins confirmed.

"Agreed, you guys should arrive first and get a lay of the land before we arrive and begin deployments." Harry replied.

"Then no questions, sir." Collins responded.

Refelian nodded, “We should arrive between 12 and 18 hours after you. I’ll make contact once we’re in the system.” He said to his temporary Executive Officer.

"Aye sir. I'll have the Agamemnon's CO transmit the contact protocols to you after they drop us off," Collins replied.

“Understood. Good luck and stay safe. I’ll see on all on T’Met.” Refelian said give his team a smile.

Collins nodded, smiling back. Then, a look to Vo and French. "Let's head to the docking port; Agamemnon should be finishing docking procedures now."


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