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Virginia Hall Away

Posted on Wed Jun 3rd, 2020 @ 10:00am by Colonel Horatio Refelian & Lieutenant Robin Maxwell & Lieutenant Shinandra Alleir & Ensign Shauna Allen

Mission: Prelude: Getting The Team Together
Location: Shuttlebay/Virginia Hall
Timeline: MD13 - 0300 Hours

Twelve hours after seeing Team 1 leave, it was now Team 2’s turn to load up and push off. The shuttle bay was busy with life as Meer, Allen and Alleir all getting the equipment needed for the mission on board the Virginia Hall.

“How’s it going?” The Colonel asked as he walked in with a bag over his shoulder.

"Looking forward to latrine duty Sir." Allen replied cheerfully.

Her attire a just past the knee length blue dress with short sleeves and the black flat sandals for comfort sporting a very well changed black mane of hair worn in a ponytail since she would be traveling and trying to look the part. with a modest hard case on small hover mechanism built into the base. The over-sized purse satchel over her left shoulder.

"Looking like a woman who travels from hotel to hotel Sir." She winked. "Have to keep up appearances right?"

Harry couldn’t help but smile. “Very true, Allen. You ready for this?” He asked taking a step closer to the Ensign.

"Latrine and distraction duty." She chuckled. "Sounds like my first cadet training in Security Branch...." Letting go of the suitcase she did a slow spin enough to show off the way the skirt ruffled ever so slightly. "But I get better attire this time."

“Don’t get used to it, Ms Allen, I doubt you’ll be seeing much action once Maxwell is back on his feet, but if you do well on this mission, you never know.” Refelian replied giving the younger officer a playful wink.

Shinandra approached the colonel and the other officer. She was dressed in a casual pants and shirts, although with understated elegance to go along with her doctor-on-holiday look. Which, thankfully, would require very little "acting" on her part. "Ready to go, sir," she said with a small but easy smile.

"Welcome Doc." Allen greet the Doctor after having been acquainted with Maxwell's accident prior to her being assigned as a replacement. "I think all we need is the Pilot and this act could hit the Space Lanes?"

"Or the docking pylon if it falls apart", Adam said, showing up almost on cue. He had a small bag with a spare set of clothes, some tools, and a system scanner, that he could use to interface with most computers."

"Ah the Chauffeur has arrived." Allen said with an innocent enough smile. "We can be off."

“Sound good. Everything on board that we need or might need?” Refelian asked. He didn’t want to leave a crate of essential goods on the deck of the shuttle bay.

Nandra looked between the rest of the team, then hefted her duffel. "I have everything I need," she said simply.

Allen took hold of her rolling case and started towards the shuttle.

“Very well. Mr. Fredricks, in that corner,” he said point to the far left corner of the shuttle bay. “There’s a crate with my name on it. Could you bring it on board?”

"Whatever", Adam said with a shrug and went and got the crate.
'If it has your name on it, why don't you bring it on board', he thought shaking his head. He was the pilot, not a valet.

“Thank you, Mr Fredricks. Alright let’s get on board and begin preflight checks.” The Colonel stated before walking up the ramp of the Virginia Hall.

Allen followed the Colonel up the ramp and into the ship. She would stow her gear and have a seat as Mr. Meer did not look happy, if she had known Allen would have helped if so asked.

The Colonel walked onto the small bridge of the Virginia Hall. He wasn’t used to starship command, not that he wasn’t capable but he was better at team or unit command. “Take your stations.” He said as he slowly sat down in the command seat.

Allen walked to the Tactical panel ; smoothed her dress and sat at the console bringing it to operational life. She accessed the limited weapons and shielding with a raised eyebrow.

"Tactical ready for departure." She reported.

Shinandra had excused herself from heading to the bridge, where she would only loiter anyway, and went to check out the minor medical bay that this ship had. After a moment of taking in her surroundings, she called up to the bridge. "Med-bay is ready for departure," she added in.

"Good to hear, Lieuteant." Refelian replied before closing the comm. "Mr. Meer, how's those engines?"

"Rattling just fine from what the deck is saying", Adam answered. "Helm control seems to be at ready. We shouldn't crash in to too much."

"Enforcing deflectors with Number One forward shield." Allen spoke without a chuckle. "Just don't hit it too hard though, these shields are not that good."

The Colonel took a deep breath in, "Alright, lets get this old bird into space. Close the hatch and inform Station Control we're ready to go."

"Flight Control..." Allen began the launch request with a certain softer tone that was quite feminine. "We have completed the Pre-flight checks and are ready to depart if you would be so kind?" She had the ear piece in place and nodded as she listen. "Thank you Flight Control, see you when we return be well." She closed the channel and turned to the Colonel. "We have leave for departure." Her tone back to what she used in normal conversation. "Flight Control bids us farewell."

“Very well, helm take us out, please.” The Colonel ordered.

Fredricks nodded as his hands danced over the helm controls. The Virginia Hall gently began to shake as it powered up and lifted off from the shuttlebays floor. The Ju’Day class vessel slowly began to rotate so the ships forward section was facing the correct way. The shuttle bay doors began to slowly open and a forcefield snapped into place so it kept atmosphere in the shuttle bay.

The Virginia Hall slowly moved forward and through the forcefield and into open space. “We have left Science Station Typhon and are free to navigate, Colonel.” Fredricks reporter.

“Very well, Mr Fredricks. Set course for Romulan space, using commercial shipping lanes, warp 5.” Refelian said.

“Course laid, sir.”



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