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While the team plays

Posted on Fri May 29th, 2020 @ 9:48pm by Jennie Bright & Lieutenant Robin Maxwell

Mission: Prelude: Getting The Team Together
Location: Heavy Metals lab.
Timeline: Concurrent to planetside mission


Maxwell was not in his best mood; a simple charge, he should not have been wounded even in the Holodeck. Still the simulated feedback was sharply cut but still some physics do apply even in simulation. His charge might have been rated for the potential needed to block any pursuit and even simulated physics do go awry once in a while.

With his slot off the team at the moment and his counselor telling him to get something to do as him being idle is a dangerous thing to have on the station. Maxwell decided that he would work for Miss Bright and help her get some of the Chemistry experiments done and keep busy no not to get weird. SO he had sent word to Director Bright that he was open to more work if she needed and could meet him in the Heavy Metals lab to discuss what he could do for her?

Jennie yawned. What she really needed to do was to take a break and get some food. It would probably make the headache she was experiencing go away. But she just wanted to finish up this one experiment.

Maxwell monitored her as Ms. Bright was doing her experiment, he did not want to break her concentration yet the yawn might be something he should note?

"I have found that Yawning in the Heavy Metals lab can be a noisy thing to do?" Maxwell said as he moved closer. "You look like you could use a break Ma'am?" He glanced at the experiment. "You really do have to keep the mercury level up or the Phosphoric acids might not react well." He chuckled. "Then your Sodium Nucleic compound might wake you in in a most unsettling way."

Jennie jumped. How long had he been standing there. She frowned. "I know. And how long have you been standing there?" She asked crossly. "Do you always sneak up on people?"

He held up the cane. "Sorry Ma'am, I thought it harder to do with this?" He chuckled. "You were just very focused and i only just arrived."

She rubbed her face and held in her temper. "What did you need?" She asked him, turning to face him fully instead of just her head.

"Medical has me off-line for my normal activities so I was wondering if you might like an extra bit of help with the Chemistry section experiments?" He smiled. "I did promise to help when I can since you are nice enough to allow me use of your labs." He started towards the replicator close by and gave a number order to the replicator. "I am benched due to a busted ankle so I do not do so well with Idle hands. "He moved the mug to the liquid nitrogen and put in a dose then stir it as he moved back and placed it beside her. "Moca Ice Coffee with a sweet twist." He smiled. "I find a little bit of sweetness chilled helps keep a person sharp on those long experiments?"

"Oh." Jennie said looking down at the drink he offered her. "I guess sure. Thanks." She took it and tasted it. "I guess I could use a break. Been at this far too long for any objective view."

"And people say that Chemistry is boring." Maxwell joked. "If only they knew the excitement of elements coming together and the cohesion formed from the chemical bonds into another solution or particularity." He grinned. "You know they say really good chemists often make good chefs and cooks as it is the same line of reasoning. You take ingredients or elements and with the adapting of dwell or cooking time and often the Thermal dynamic effects get something totally good in the end?"

"Do they?" Jennie said, a bit surprised at the speech. "I've never been one for cooking then again I'm actually a biologist so I prefer replicated food because the alternative to me is a bit . . . gross."

"I'll whip up something nice for lunch some time." He looked at his foot. "I seem to have more time of late." He smiled. "Of course if you are nice I will bring in a really nice Pulled Pork sandwich with a Cesar salad that I have a special dressing for." He grinned. "But you will have to come get it as you will be putting me to work in the labs ... right?"

He was an odd one. "Uh, right. I guess. I wouldn't worry too much about lunch. I mean I can cook. Well at least I know how to use a replicator. You are umm . . . qualified for this right?"

"Chemistry Major and a Minor in Metallurgy." Maxwell shrugged. "I also have a high Security Grade that is sufficient to do any project that tends to be on a science station; I have worked on projects that if I told you the facts I would have to turn us both over to Star Fleet Security." He grinned. "I think I can quite well support your operations." He grinned. "I prefer cooked food as something in a replicator can catch the essence of food but something is lost in it. I remember when I worked at the Shanghai Restaurant, the Master Chef always told me that food should be savored when one can as there is nothing like a meal that tastes as good as it is presented."

"Huh," Jennie said stupidly staring at him. She was rather impressed but wasn't likely to admit to it. "Well then, I would be glad for some help and maybe you need to enlighten me, about the food I mean. It's always just been something that needs done, food is for nourishment."

"Simple dishes often taste better; I find that the sauce is the greatest hook for good food; the spices all delicately balanced in a Marinara over Angel hair spaghetti with a fine czar salad and a wine that is allowed to breathe prior to the tasting." He nod to her. "Remind me to show you what a meal can be; off shift of course as the lab has some dishes like the iced coffee but a meal is more of an experience if done right." He looked around the lab. "So how much of a work load will you allow me to play with?"

"hmm, well I'm trying to isolate this error. I'm about ready to tell you that if you can figure it out, I'll give you the entire job." She was tired, grumpy and just wanted to be done for the day but needed to figure this out. "See this chemical chain, there's something amiss in it but I've checked it. My eyes are starting to cross."

Maxwell had gotten a basic look at it ; he tried not to take up much of her space; more than needed to get a good look at the chain, then he realized it was a type of chemical to remove toxins and give better nutrients into the soil that was tainted, not suitable for plant life.

"Take out the Sodium Nucleic for a softer Sodium chlorinate as it would do better in the growth process in the soil to enhance the choraphyll content in plant life. It will also negate many of the more toxins compound in the soil sample."

"Try it," Jennie said honestly rubbing her temples. She stepped away from the station and found herself a chair, taking with her the drink he'd brought.

Taking the stool he spun the head of the cane a couple of time before hanging it on the table edge as he look at the complexities.

"The sample has some toxins in it, not radiation but more like the weeds sucked up too much of a water supply like from a salt lake and the erosion of high heat." He tilt his head slightly. "Did someone use old radiator water here?" He joked as he typed. "More like the usual symptoms of an desert environment, death Valley on Earth, but if we use a soft solution with some added minerals and vitamins..." He glanced over his shoulder. "You know most people do not realize minerals are actually essential in soil and over do the watering and drown it." He winked. "You know better than that." He typed a few more things into the screen and then turned on his stool. "You know that certain enzymes in algae are good for absorbtion of mineral toxins as they are a natural filter in the oceans and..." He look to her . "I will save you the headache."

He turned the screen to show a chemical strain all linked and slowly spinning on the screen to show all the chemical bonding.

"It is really that simple, just add water to feed it to the soil samples." He shrugged. "Anything else you need?"

Jennie shook her head, rather amused at his little lesson, which of course she already knew. "No, I don't think so. Not right now anyway. Next time I overwork myself and become this stubborn maybe you can bring more coffee then."

"It would be my pleasure." He grinned. "You could even swing by anytime and I will be more than happy to make you some. It feels good when people like my creations." He pat his knees and nod. "So anything a Cane wielding Chemist can do to have a purpose?"

"Oh I think we can find you things to keep you busy. You could even . . . .I mean if you had extra time. You could do your own scientific projects with some guidance of course. Some of my staff might not want to completely give up their equipment."

"I will promise to play nice with the other Scientists and clean up after myself." He grinned. "SO what are we doing for my first 'Guidance?"

"How about a botany experiment?" Jennie laughed freely. "Grafting two orchids together? To make them stronger for a certain climate. Does that interest you?"

"Plant cross breeding ah la cart to the conditions." He gave a sly grin. "Giving root to a new Orchid that could out live us both as some breeds live up to 100 years." He smiled. "Who would not be interested in a project for Posterity?"

"Who indeed." Jennie said, a bit of a smile on her face as her mind focused on what they were about to do.



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