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Once more, with feeling!

Posted on Sun Jun 14th, 2020 @ 3:52pm by Lieutenant John Collins & Colonel Horatio Refelian & Captain Seregon French & Captain Ky Vo & Captain Steffan Haas

Mission: Mission 1: To T’Met
Location: Holodeck, USS Agamemnon
Timeline: MD1 - 0930 Hours

Captain Steffan Haas wanted time make sure his passengers had been looked after during their short stay while they travelled to the transport hub on Baradas III.

He entered the holodeck using his command codes as the holodeck had been sealed due to the team running an exercise program. He was fully aware of the teams mission having been briefed by Colonel Refelian. The program running seemed to be a resort of Romulan design, it was very grey and well, Romulan.

As the Agamemnon's CO walked in, Collins was briefing the others on daily entrance procedures.

"It is in your interest to go in as unthreateningly as possible. The security forces rely on being imposing at entrance points for staff, but the key part of that is 'at entrance points'. Other UFP assets will be responsible for caching your equipment at stash points within the resort, so even though you'll be out of comms with me when you're passing through the security checkpoints, you'll be able to resume connection once you're inside," he briefed, before pausing as the doors opened. "Captain, welcome. We were just about to practice sending Vo and French here through security checkpoints without getting the attention of planetary security forces. You're welcome to watch."

“Thank you, I’d like to see your team in action. Even if it was just a security check point.” The Captain said with a smile as he placed his hands behind his back and walked to a position he thought he’d be out the way.

The scene was just like they had practiced in the holo deck on the station. French approached security with one single personal bag on her shoulder and her beautiful red hair up in a Japanese style bun with two semi small hat pins holding it up. It was her hope that they might over look them as she did not look a threat to anyone. But with her training these two hat pins became serious weapons in her hands. They began asking questions and she gave the answers she had practiced. They let her pass after checking her bag throughly. Probably because she was slightly flirting with the one who seemed to be in charge with her eyes. But not so that it was noticeable by anyone else. And she carried on her way.

Ky had been a couple of people behind French, she didn't want to be too close to avoid raising any suspicion on their part. Her turn would soon come as she was stopped by two Romulan guards and studied through squinted eyes. Ky had chosen a little more messier appearance than the ever beautiful Seregon French. Her hair was a little scruffier, her clothes were overalls denoting what her profession was to be and she carried a duffel bag full of equipment she would need to do her cover job. Inside she had her rifle stripped down and hidden from view.

French was stopped then, by a more senior looking guard. "Jolan'tru, miss. You have been randomly selected for secondary screening. Please come with me."

Without showing any surprise. French moved off with the security for a secondary search. She had opted to not bring any weapons or implements with her. Only her skills and cunning. “How May I help you?” She asked

Haas stood and watched the team as they did their training. He was intrigued in watching them work.

"Face the wall. Place your legs apart and spread your arms wide," ordered the security officer. "Where did you come to T'Met from?"

She did as she was instructed. “Like all really good Bartenders, I came from Risa.” She said proudly. “Why? Did I break a rule already?” She asked jovially!

"Risa." This was stated flatly by the security officer as he searched her less-than-gently.

“Yes, Risa. You see I’m an entertainer bartender. I’m under contract through an agency there and they get me these amazing jobs. So I’m pretty used to not breaking the rules. So I was just curious as to what I had done. I try pretty hard not to break any rules. Especially when I come to anyplace run by you guys. You got the best security in the Galaxy.” She said a bit seriously but in a soft manner.

Collins sighed and paused the simulation at this point.

"We will not be continuing, because in laying it on so thick, Ms. French, you would have raised the suspicions of every Romulan within earshot. They would then proceed to search you rather invasively, which is the opposite of what we want," he noted dryly. "Remember, you have one job at the checkpoint. Be meek, be quiet, be respectful, and don't raise suspicion. Act a little afraid if you have to."

Quietly French disagreed with him. Her skills of observation and being able to read her opposition hadn’t left her yet, of that she was sure. But if Collins was running things and it seemed he was. She was not going to argue the point. She nodded. “As you wish.” She said and stepped back to the check point!

Collins eyed French as the simulation restarted. Again, French reached the checkpoint.

"Jolan'tru, Miss. Please place your identity disc on the scanner, and place your belongings in the bin to your right." repeated the bored security guard.

French did as she was told. She did not speak and wouldn’t unless she was spoken too! She placed her hands together behind her back and waited.

Ky took to the other side of French, she was also asked for ID and to place her toolkit onto the belt that would scan for hidden items no doubt. Luckily she knew how to hide her weapon well, she didn't like attention, hence her appearance. The scruffy 'engineer'.

To French, the question: "And why is a roundears like you on a Romulan world?"

To Ky, "What brings you to T'Met?"

French maintained her demeanour and replied. “I was hired to do a job. I don’t care where I work as long as I can earn a living!” Said French

The Romulan narrowed his eyes. "And what was that job?"

“Making drinks here at your resort. I’m a bartender.” She said matter of factly.

"Indeed? Tell me how to make a Borellian Sunburst."

She looked at the man and smiled. Told him what he wanted hear and rested in place whilst waiting for the next question.

"You stir them?" the Romulan looked horrified. "But you lose the taste of the liquor." Then, as if remembering where he was, he said simply, "Go through the scanner, pick up your belongings, and proceed."

Seregon French did as she was told without saying another word.

Ky looked at the man in question, "I'm here to ensure your communications towers are working at peak efficiency." she stated plainly.

"Then tell me the duration of the local stellar cycle, if you would?" The guard asked. For Sol, it was 11 years, but a comms engineer would have studied their system data to know the length of the local stellar cycle and the current state, given sunspots' effect on even subspace communications.

"12.5 years with stellar activity being highly intermittent at the moment sir." Ky replied giving the man the respect of his superior position. Romulans could be smug about holding power over people and she thought an odd sir here or there would be idea to stroke an ego or two. There was due to be a burst of prolonged solar flares predicted so she mentioned that. "From data I have in the next month or so the sun of this system will experience flares that will affect the communications range of this planet, this causing 'essential' messages to not reach their destination."

"Indeed? Thank you for that information." The guard seemed satisfied, and shortly gestured for her to move along.

After that sim wrapped up, Collins spoke. "OK, let's take 10 minutes and then we'll do bug emplacements and brush passes. Vo, good job studying your background brief - i had to check the data myself when you mentioned the flares. French, be a bit more subtle flirting with the guards, but good recovery on the second go around." Then, a look to the Captain. "Any questions, comments, concerns, Captain?"

Haas was unfolded just arms and took a step forward. “Nicely done. I think that’s a good practice session, just remember Romulans are unpredictable and are like snakes. They could be leading you up the garden path to a trap.” The softly spoken Captain added.

French smiled but didn’t say anything. She was ready to get this show on the road.

Ky smiled at the comments made and was ready to get underway.

"I presume they are, Captain. We'll extract the target, trap or not," Collins offered with a wolfish grin. "Vo, French, take 10 minutes, then return here to work on further tradecraft."


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