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A Friendly Greeting...Hopefully

Posted on Fri Jun 26th, 2020 @ 7:14am by Colonel Horatio Refelian & Lieutenant Shinandra Alleir & Ensign Shauna Allen

Mission: Mission 1: To T’Met
Location: Bridge, Virginia Hall
Timeline: MD01 - 1130 Hours

After departing the Typhon Science Station, Harry had taken the opportunity to change out of his uniform and into clothes that were more befitting the role he was meant to be playing.

It had been a while since he’d actually sat down and worked in Law. He’d always kept up to date with new laws and legislations that came in but he hadn’t needed to use them.

Now, he sat in the bridge in the command chair. He wasn’t there to command the ship, Mr Fredricks was a more than capable pilot and Ensign Allen was keeping an eye on the sensors. He was more there incase he needed to man one of the other empty stations if an emergency occurred. However, as things were quiet he took the time to reread the information packet Lieutenant Collins had put together for him.

"I have the automatic hail of a Checkpoint." Allen reported checking her panel. "Passive targeting included." Reporting as she look over her shoulder. "A very stoic voice requesting you give them our; lack of a better word, passport information. I am ready to put him on the screen, quietly insistent."

Harry sighed, he knew the Romulan’s were strict on those entering their space but he still wasn’t looking forward to it. “Put him up, Miss Allen.”

"Main screen." Allen put the image of a Romulan with a grayish green wall behind him; obviously a small cubicle style place for his job.

"You are entering Romulan Territory, please give your clearances for passage through our Space." The face was a Younger Romulan who should take a few more years to get promoted over being a 'Greeter' in Allen's opinion. "IT is required to relay those permissions and the Personnel Visa for inspection and comparison to our scans of your vessel."

With things checked and settled in the ship's small medical facility, Shinandra headed up to the bridge. It wasn't a common place for a medical officer to be--at least when there wasn't trouble--but given the nature of the mission, she thought it best that she keep on top of what was going on.

She slipped onto the bridge but didn't announce herself, just letting the bridge officers do their work while she found a quiet place to observer from.

Refelian noticed Alleir slip onto the bridge as he stood up from the Command chair. “I’m Horatio Refelian, we’ll transmit our papers and authorisation to enter Romulan space now.” He said glancing towards Allen and giving her a nod.

Allen knew the sequences to transmit; just a few touches of her console and she had the information being processed. She also kept an eye on that Passive System on her board; if it went active there could be complication. She knew the Intel man had this down but until they were moving Allen decided Vigilance is best.

"Mr Refelian." The Romulan Officer checked the data stream and look back in what seemed through the screen, how Romulans always seem to look through a person must be a quirk they get? "Your authorizations have been cleared as well as the people you have on board." The officer continued. "Stay to the direct Flight Plans logged and you will have no problems finding your destination. Please accept our 'Welcome' to the Romulan Space." It would have been more convincing if he grinned though.

“Thank you. If we should run into any problems how do we contact yourselves? I hear your a little thin on ships in this sector at the moment.” Refelian asked, smiling inwardly but keeping a straight face for the Romulans benefit.

"This frequency if you have need." The Romulan said calmly. "And we have sufficient should you get lost to bring you back where you belong."

Refelian was quite happy to toy with the Romulan some more but decided against it. “Thank you, Control. We’ll bear that in mind. Virginia Hall out.” He looked at Allen to close the comm channel.

“Mr Fredricks, take us back to warp on our previous heading.” The Colonel said tapping the pilot on the shoulder reassuringly before turning back to the command chair. “What do we make of that? I was expecting a little more questioning considering we’re non Romulan.” He commented.

"The optimist could suggest that they are used to persons going to the resort we're headed toward and used to some non-Romulans coming this way," Alleir chimed in, her tone suggesting she wasn't one of those optimists.

“What would the pessimists suggest, Ms Allier?” Harry asked the teams medic, curious at what she might say.

"A cynic would say that we've already been made and they're letting us in easy to trap us once we get in deeper," Alleir said evenly.

Refelian had a sinking feeling start in his stomach. “Let’s hope we side with the optimist on this.” He replied with a small smile. Being caught now would leave the crew and himself in deep water.

"Let's hope that we are not using out 'Good Luck' here rather than later when we might need it." Allen commented. "I would rather cash that in on the way out."

“I agree, Ms Allen. Don’t want them changing there tune when we head back again with their Senator on board.” Harry replied.

Although there had been a general discussion of this resort's clientele in their briefing, Shinandra began to consider it a little more in detail. "Do we know what the species makeup percentages are at the resort in most recent history?" she asked thoughtfully.

“Mainly Romulan’s but you’ll probably find a fair amount of independents there too. They’ll be trying to carve some sort of life for themselves just like our aliases. If you’ve not been to a Romulan planet before you’ll be in for a true experience.” Refelian replied.

"I imagine that will be the case either way, sir," Nandra said with a wry smile. "But the more independents there are, the less likely we've been 'made,' as the term would go."

“Indeed, doing this before the Hobus event would have been near on impossible. However, although they’re still a secretive they’ve had to open their borders to survive, which is a good thing for us.” Harry replied.

"Are we heading into the Weary Web for for dinner saying the Spider to the flies?" Allen commented. "When the proud fall they never like it, they deal with it."

“Very true. What also helps our task is the various different factions playing for power so their attention is generally elsewhere.” Harry said. “On paper this should be an easy grab and get out but when does anything ever go right.” He said with a smirk. “Helm, let me know when we reach the planet.”

“Will do, sir.” Fredricks replied.


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