Transfer to passenger hub

Posted on Sun Jul 5th, 2020 @ 3:51pm by Lieutenant John Collins & Colonel Horatio Refelian & Captain Seregon French & Captain Ky Vo & Captain Steffan Haas

Mission: Mission 1: To T’Met
Location: USS Agamemnnon: Transporter Room
Timeline: MD 02 - 0900

Captain Steffan Haas stood in the Agamemnon’s transporter room as he waited for the team from Scorpio to appear. He wanted to see them off personally, rather than a brief good bye over the comm. He’d been briefed on their mission as the Agamemnon would be hanging around the area while they conducted the mission and returned to Federation space were Haas and his crew would pick up the Romulan Senator and whisk him quickly to Earth.

Collins was, as usual, the first to arrive, wearing dark-hued civilian clothes of a "business casual" sort. His orders to Vo and French had been clear: Arrive at the transporter room in civilian clothes (provided by Starfleet Intel's logistics channels) that fit your cover, after getting them tailored to your measurements by the Agamemnon's supply team. Have everything packed and ready, because from the moment they materialized at the transport hub, they had to live their covers. In Collins's case, everything needed for the trip to T'Met was in a bag slung on his back like a school backpack, and a briefcase that he held in his left hand.

Spotting the CO of Agamemnon, he smiled, walking over. "Ah, Captain. Always nice to be seen off personally. Your part of things should be boring and routine - just listen for the marching tune and come quick." It was a bit dramatic, but Collins figured it okay to indulge the designers of the protocol for Scorpio's extraction - the authenticator for their meetup with the Agamemnon was Collins singing "Óró sé do bheatha 'bhaile", in Irish and on key. The response would be chosen from the Agamemnon's chief intelligence officer from a list known only to him and Collins.

French arrived a moment later. Dressed in a pair of fashionable women’s coveralls. Light make up and that fabulous Red Hair of here up in a bun ready to travel. She wore a wedge shoe that looked very comfortable on her feet. Her clothing for work was a series of Komonos neatly packed into a bag with her toiletries and make up. This woman knew how to travel light. “Greeting and salutations gentlemen.” As she stood ready!

Ky had the overalls that had been designed for her on, the scruffy look of unkempt hair and technicians bag in her hands. She kind of liked the untidy look, it detracted so much from marine dress discipline it made her smile. "Hi everybody." she said as she entered the room.

“Are your team ready to go, Lieutenant?” Haas asked with a warm smile.

"Looks like it, sir. French, Vo, when we materialize at the spaceport? From that instant forward, we live our covers until we're on the Virginia Hall again. Remind me of your cover names?" Collins inquired. "When we beam in, I am John Mangan."

“Mine is amiss Summer Thyme. I like the play on words. Plus it suits my personality and all I have to do is be myself. “

"I cant remember." Ky said flashing a smile as Collins face turned. "I'm kidding..." she said waving her hand before turning serious. "I am Technician First Class L'Rel Parthas." Ky bowed. "Here to cure all communication woes... I don't do toilets."

Captain Haas couldn’t help but smirk. “Glad to see you remember you aliases. Right, we’ll beam you into lounge adjacent to the transport your taking. I believe it leaves in about 20 minutes. Any final questions from any of you?”

"None from me." Collins replied. He stepped on the transporter pad without another word, then.

Seregon followed. Her purse slung and her bag in hand. She stepped on the padd as well.

"We're not usually so quiet Captain..." Ky smiled. "Must be you that does it to us. Got to be careful though, Colonel Refelian may keep you around if it gets him peace and quiet." she laughed as he walked onto the pad. Her bag was thrown over her shoulder and she waited for the trip through dematerialisation.

“I understand, you’re getting into character.” The Captain said with a smile. “Good luck with your mission. Give the Colonel my kind regards and I’ll seen you on the other side of the mission.” He said before giving his transporter chief the nod to energise.

Collins looked to Vo and French, exchanged nods, then exchanged a nod with the transporter chief.

And away they went.