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Making Things Go BOOM!

Posted on Mon Mar 23rd, 2020 @ 8:51pm by Colonel Horatio Refelian & Lieutenant Robin Maxwell

Mission: Prelude: Getting The Team Together
Location: CO’s Office
Timeline: MD06 - 1130 Hours

The Colonel has spent a lot of time in his small office since his arrival on the science station. He made it a personal rule not to be a Commanding Officer from behind a desk but sometimes needs must. This was a new posting, with a new unit, in a new location. He needed to make sure he was up to speed with recent intelligence reports a long with making sure his team had the right equipment for the jobs they were there to do.

Maxwell had his uniform pressed as he had exit his new quarters; the shuttle ride was soothing if not a bit boring as he had taken the time creating a small sculpture.

It was a small naval Trumpet; the shape and curves smooth and the etching along the length typical of the period. the horn's wide end he put Hornblower in script. It was only 11 inches long, enough to allow some detailing, It had filled some time. He heat and glaze it in the Replicator before adding a paint that with a second lower temperature heating gave the metallic tone of a brass trumpet.

With PADD in his left hand he rang the chime to be allowed access.

“Come.” Refelian said as he placed the PADD he was reading down on his desk.

"Greeting Sir." Maxwell extended the sculpture. "I had some time in transit and thought I would make you something for accepting my Transfer." He shrugged. "I thought I was on my way out of service Sir."

With a raised eyebrow, Harry took the offered sculpture and examined it. “Old naval trumpet?” He asked as he looked it over.

"Haratio Hornblower." Maxwell shrugged. "I wanted something that was unique and it popped into my head as a gift; proper manners does mention a gift when one is appreciative." Maxwell pointed out.

“Thank you, Lieutenant, but unnecessary. I had nothing to do with your assignment here, Starfleet Security assigned you. I’m guessing for your expertise with weapons and explosives.” The Colonel said.

"I am not a Greek bearing a gift Sir." Maxwell smiled. "I am just glad to be here so call it a celebratory gesture. What can I look forward to here Sir?"

Harry smirked, “I’m sure you’ll get your fix of using weapons and explosives with this assignment. Please sit and tell me about bit about yourself?” The Colonel asked as he gestured to the free seat in front of his desk.

"What can I say?" Maxwell started. "Normal childhood until I got my First Chemistry Kit; I did not blow up the garage or anything but found it fascinating. I noticed liquid metals and Metallurgy caught my fancy as well." He continued. "I noticed I could freeze and make things explode by timed chemical reactions. I even made some small yield explosive to get rid of stumps around the neighborhood and some light home improvement projects." He relay the simple facts. "All through school I did well scholastically and got into the Academy quickly on the first application. I started as science but the boredom got to me early on; I suppose it was in basic combat training that I noticed the more elite 'Commando' types were being rather crude in their placing of explosives and how they handled them. Naturally I spoke up and next thing I was a Covert Operations Cadet." He paused. "You can read the official reports and accommodations but it was when I earned my Call Sign; Chaotic, that it changed." He look at the Commanding Officer. "You could say the training was getting ot me and when the Interrogation training started... well I started getting to where I seemed to have blacking out stages and I was given high marks in how I never broke a cover as my Call sign." He shrugged. Then the capture for real and it only got worst, I am told Chaotic is quite efficient in how he does his job. Well, no one wants 'crazy' as they would say 'Can't trust Crazy with your back... I had a harder time getting assignments but my Operational scores and reports were high. Psyc evals not so great. I was looking at a section * discharge and then Destiny came along and now I am of use again." He shrugged. "That about sums it up Sir."

“I have to say I’m impressed with your record, the official and unofficial assignments you’ve undertaken have been a great success. I think you’ll fit in just fine into this little team.” The Colonel said. “Do you have any questions or queries about your assignment here?”

"Is there a lab I can use that has a window?" Maxwell asked. "It calms me and I can work better." He grinned. "If I make a mistake a small hole in the wall for a window will not matter really."

“You’ll have to speak with the civilian commander of the station. I have no jurisdiction over that, I’m afraid. If you ask nicely, she might accommodate you.” Refelian replied before a short pause. “Do you often make mistakes?”

"Knock on wood I have not made anything more than the average Lab accident, easily cleaned or repaired." Maxwell reply. "I am always nice, yo can be oh so smart or Oh so pleasant... I recommend pleasant." He smiled. "Gets you farther in life."

Refelian chuckled, “I bet it does. Have you had a chance to look over what weapons and supplies we’ve been assigned?” The Colonel asked.

"We have sufficient in much of the munitions, and I am impressed with the standard 'Package' that is for a covert team sent ahead." Maxwell hesitated. "I have some supplemental ordering that would be 'suggested' but not hinder any operations we have in the immediate future, but my raw material supply for 'Special projects' is a bit thin. If I do not get it through regular supply I could make a request of the Station Chemistry labs and replace what we ask for with some extra as a thank you should the need arise." He concluded. "WE are good to go right now but after an Operation or two I might look again at our supplies Sir."

“Speak to Commander Carro, anything you need or think we’ll need in the future, she’ll get it ordered for you. Any specialist equipment or materials then ask the station Commander, she might be able to source any specialist stuff.” Refelian replied.

"I will do that Sir." Maxwell agreed. "Will there be anything else you require of me?"

The Colonel shook his head as he offered the demolitions expert his hand to shake. “Welcome to the team Scorpio, Lieutenant.”

"Glad to be here." He shook the hands. "You will not regret it I can assure you."

“I’m sure I won’t. Dismissed, Lieutenant.” Refelian said with a smile.

"Don't drown in all the reports Sir." Maxwell said as he was departing.


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