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Posted on Thu Mar 19th, 2020 @ 4:17pm by Jennie Bright & Lieutenant Robin Maxwell

Mission: Prelude: Getting The Team Together
Location: Bright's Office
Timeline: MD 06 1400 Hours

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Maxwell had tried to get his bearings and despite his being allowed to use the Armory for his purposes he thought that making a request for a real Chemistry Lab might go farther in person than through computer channels; after all, a man like Maxwell could not do any worst than typing a message. He hoped the Personal Inquiry might be better for his request?

Finding Ms. Bright's office with computer guidance saved him a lot of walking about the wrong direction. He went to her office with a satchel over his shoulder and tapped upon her Door Frame.

"Ms Jeannie Bright, I am Lieutenant Maxwell; might I have a bit of your time? I apologize for the short notice , I like to have someone see my face to know I am sincere in my requests and conversations." He had a polite smile on his face.

Oh good lord, not one of the Scorpio crew. Hadn't she told that idiot Refelian to keep them on their own deck and not bother her with things? She glared at the newcomer. "What do you want?"

"To be friendly is my general rule." Maxwell reply with a grin. "I came with a small gift that is simple but I thought you might enjoy?" from his satchel he showed her a thermal flask. "In the lab I like to make fun things and one of them is this." He placed it on her desk. "It is a simple chemical solution that when heated in the Replicator causes a type of reaction that tastes good." He explained. "It is a microwaveable Milkshake, this one is chocolate." He smiled broadly. "Some of my past friends on ship loved them."

Jennie stared at him as if she couldn't believe what he was saying. "Look Mr. . . ." She realized they hadn't been introduced. "I'm not sure what you are getting at, but i don't just let anyone use the labs."

"Robin..." He offered a handshake. "Robin Maxwell and I respect the fact this is your Station and that we are guests under your roof Ma'am. I hoped to make a better impression, sorry about that. I am here to try and just get along." He tilt his head slightly. "I am a chemist; I am told a good one, and if you have need I can help with some of your work; you know, just be neighborly?"

"I'm sure you're a perfectly nice man. But this is my station that Starfleet just butted their heads into so you can understand why I'm upset. It's nothing personal. I just would have preferred to be left alone to my research and instead I've been told to set aside a deck for you, move my people, accommodate."

"I am a chemist and know metallurgy ma'am." Maxwell placed the Milkshake on her desk. "I am not asking for anything for free; since my job does not entail my total attention outside of operations; which I will be gone anyway, I could offer you an exchange, I help out with chemical experiments for use of your labs with my requirements. I give you something like paying rent for the use?" He shrugged. "It would be rude not to offer reciprocation and I would have after you tried the milkshake, they are very good I might add."

Jennie sighed and eyed him carefully. He did seem to be sincere. And he wasn't acting cocky like she expected. She reached for the milkshake and sipped it while still watching him. "Alright," She said giving in as the sweetness hit her and some small part of her caved. "But I want to see what you're doing and be there."

"May I ask if I will be given classified projects to work on for you as mine will be classified to our team." He said calmly. "I am being open and forthright Ms. Bright; I would welcome you to observe several of my projects that I work for you. Let you get to know how I work before I do my projects as they will be classified." He grinned. "Except the Shakes and other things I do for the crew to have of course; I can even show your people the simple things I come up also?"

"Alright fine, the non classified ones. I just want to see how you handle the equipment." She didn't say it out loud but the station as well as the lab was like her baby and she wasn't going to let just anyone watch it, even if he was being nice. "If they are curious, then that's fine," she responded about her own people.

"Thank you." Maxwell said with a smile. "I thank you for the consideration, would 0900 tomorrow morning be an appropriate time for you to observe how I work at Your labs Ms. Bright?" He nod. "Should I bring the fresh brewed coffee, I do not like replicated?"

Jennie sighed, "Sure, 0900 is fine. And I guess, yeah. Coffee would be great."

Maxwell stepped closer and bow as a gentleman should. "I thank you Milady for your time and considerations in this matter." He straightened. "You have been kind and as I respect the time you have given me I shall take my leave." He winked. "Just send word if you want more milkshakes, I'll send them round." He turned to leave.

"Thanks," Jennie said. What had happened to her reserve? She watched him go, still shaking her head.


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